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Having other bots, the rules explained
Posted by Petyyy at 2008-01-24 20:26:47

In the last few years we've had to suspend a lot of channels for having other bots.

We suspect that many users simply don't know which bots are allowed and which aren't. So, we have made this post to hopefully make things a bit more clear.

First of all, there are several kinds of bottypes: Stats bots, Fun bots, News bots, Game bots, Service bots, Gather bots, QuakeNet bots (Q/S, fishbot, etc).

Our rules are very simple. We allow all of those bots except service bots (clearly, we do allow QuakeNet bots).

Note that some botservices have chosen to combine several functionalities into one bot, e.g. a fun+servicebot. These bots are not allowed either, as they are still service bots.

Our system automatically detects these service bots. This means that if you have one on your channel, sooner or later you will find the bot in your channel to be suspended.

A lot of people have wondered why it is exactly that we don't allow other service bots. Here are some of the main reasons why we don't allow service bots:

  • Botfights
    Bringing in other service bots usually means there'll be botfights sooner or later.

    For example: the other service bot tries to kick/ban our bot for voicing someone, which will in turn unban itself and rejoin, etc.

    We clearly don't like botfights. Our bots are not made to protect themselves from any attacks, so fighting against other bots is useless.

  • One service bot is enough
    We strongly believe that channels don't need more than one service bot.

    Bringing in other service bots leaves a lot of duplicate/colliding functionality. We think our bots are good enough to be used on their own. If you feel otherwise, you are free to try bots from another botservice, but then you can't have our bot.

Note: Just to make things clear; these rules only go for bots from other botservices, creating your own bot is fine.

We hope this post has helped you understand which bots are allowed, and why some bots aren't. If you have any questions feel free to ask on #NordicBots.

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