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  Service Stats
This is the stats page of the Natasha bots. Here information and statistics about the Natasha are shown.

Bot Statistics:
Total number of Natasha bots: 211
Total number of Natasha bots online: 211
Total number of Natasha user bots: 209
Total number of Natasha user bots online: 209
Total number of Natasha bots with room for additional channels: 211
Total number of Natasha bots are full: 0

Channel Statistics: (When all bots are up)
Total space for channels: 4009
Total amount of supported channels: 244
Space left for additionally 3765 channels
Percentage of service used: 6.09 %
Percentage of service available: 93.91 %
Number of suspended channels: 0

Request Statistics:
Total requests done: 131778
Total accepted requests: 60936
Total rejected requests: 70842
Percent of accepted requests: 46.24 %
Percent of rejected requests: 53.76 %
Total requests today: 0
Total requests the last 24 hours: 0

User Statistics
Total users in database: 3421
Total helpers in database: 0
Total queue workers in database: 0
Total technicians in database: 3
Total master technicians in database: 11
Total channel users: 873
Total channel friend users: 33
Total channel voice users: 78
Total channel op users: 192
Total channel master users: 171
Total channel owner users: 399

Usage Statistics
Total deops/kicks recorded: 232929
Total deops recorded: 130027
Total kicks recorded: 102902
Total suspends recorded: 44108
Total removals recorded: 45580
Total deops today:
Total kicks today:
Total suspends today: 0
Total removals today: 0
Total deops the last 24 hours:
Total kicks the last 24 hours:
Total suspends the last 24 hours: 0
Total removals the last 24 hours: 0

Natasha Channel Stats Statistics
Channels with custom stats: 517
Channels with custom stats layout: 403
Total ignored nicks: 893
Total ignored words: 485
Total nicks merged: 2909
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