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Trust removed, bots offline
Posted by soczol at 2007-01-15 23:25:48

QuakeNet has decided to remove our trust when we tried to fix the issue that caused the previous G-line.

This means we are no longer able to connect our bots to QuakeNet.
We don't have any backup plans, sorry guys we're down and there's nothing we can do.

More information

Some more information is available in a forum post on the QuakeNet forums:

Browse to 'Home � QuakeNet User Feedback � Critique' after you logged in, as the forums do not automatically take you there.

Note: As you can see that thread has been closed by QuakeNet staff, please do not start a new one, that won't help.

We lost the trust, but we aren't giving up this easy.


Updated news will follow when news is available.

Notice: As some people are still asking about this - we have NOT removed ANY user data. Channels, settings, users, stats, logs etc are kept unchanged! So if possible in any way - the bots will come back in the same "state" as they left - no worries about that.

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#12007-01-15 23:44 | dusti (NordicBots Staff)
keep up the spirit guys :)
NordicBots will rise again \o/ ;p

#22007-01-16 00:12 | TheAvatar (NordicBots Staff)
Thanks dude :)
Not easy but we'll give it a try.
Over 6 years of bot hosting, development, support and work can not end in this way - not if it is up to us

#32007-01-16 12:42 | anton (NordicBots Staff)
Dudes, this so suck.
Hope ya can fix it anyways. :) Whatever happends, NB will always be in our hearts. ;)

#42007-01-16 17:06 | Petyyy (NordicBots Staff)
If you want you can support NordicBots by posting something nice into that topic at QuakeNet's forum :)

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