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Big Update
Posted by soczol at 2006-06-12 12:46:31

It has been a while, but our Natasha bots have gotten quite a big update today, below is a list of changes. We hope you will like them.

Remember that if you have a nice idea for a feature, place a message in the appropriate forum (when logged in), place a command under this message, or visit us in #nordicbots


Triggers have been changed quite heavily, here's a quick summary of the changes:
  • Types
    Triggers can now be of 3 different types: Public (-public, the default), Private (-private, sends response as a private message) and Notice (-notice, sends the response as a notice)

    Usage: ADDTRIGGER #chan (-public|-privmsg|-notice) ...
    Example: ADDTRIGGER #chan -notice !test This trigger will show up as a notice

  • Levels
    Triggers can now be limited to certain user levels. You can for example, only make a trigger available to masters and up.

    Usage: ADDTRIGGER #chan -level (friend|voice|op|master|owner) ...
    Example: ADDTRIGGER #chan -level master !test2 This trigger is only available for masters and owners

  • Argument support
    We've also added basic argument support. You can, for example, use '%1' to get the first argument typed after the trigger (like in !nn all, 'all' would be the first argument), we support up to 9 arguments (%1 until %9), for those of you familiar with mIRC scripting, you can also add an '-' to the argument (like %1-) to get the argument + any arguments behind it.

    Example: ADDTRIGGER #chan !nn Hey %1-, %n wishes you a good night :)
Note that you can combine the various features.

Example: ADDTRIGGER #chan -notice -level voice !test3 This will show up as a notice, but will only show if you have the voice level or higher

Image Search

As an addition to google search, we have added image search. It can be activated through CHANSET +infobot, and when used will show up to 2 results.

Usage: !image (query)
Example: !image donkey

Timed Quotes

We have added a new feature called 'timed quotes'. If you activate this feature, the bot will show a random quote every few minutes.

Usage: CHANSET #chan +timedquotes [minutes]
Example: CHANSET #chan +timedquotes 5

Hiding of logs

As we have had many requests from people that did want to activate stats, but rather not activate logs, we created a new chanset called 'hidelogs'. When activated, people will not be able to view logs for your channel. If you deactivate it, the logs will be visible again.

Usage: CHANSET #chan +hidelogs

Massvoice with mask

While this isn't really a new feature, a lot of our users don't know about it, but you can use the 'massvoice' chanset to voice users matching a certain mask.

Usage: CHANSET #chan +massvoice [mask]
Example: CHANSET #chan +massvoice TAG|*

This example would voice everyone with a nick starting with 'TAG|' when they join the channel.


We have adjusted some of the permissions for certain commands, namely:

  • !vote start: Now requires the user to be added to the channel
  • UNBAN: The required level has been lowered from 'Master' to 'Op'.
  • KICK: The required level has been lowered from 'Master' to 'Op'.
  • SAY: The requires level has been changed from 'Voice' to 'Op'

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#12006-06-12 21:11 | fecosrac
sima liba! :)

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