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New quotesystem
Posted by soczol at 2005-12-11 19:16:02

After many requests from users, we have finally rewritten the quote system. To simplify things a bit, every quote is given it's own ID (number). Every time a quote is shown you will see that number, for example:

[soczol] !quote
[^Hobbit^] Quote #1: Some quote

In this case, #1 (or 1) is the quote ID. You will need to know this quote ID if you want to delete the quote or want to show (more information about) that specific quote.

A list of all quotes (and their ID's) is also shown on the chaninfo page for your channel.

Below you will find the new commands for the quote system:

All users:

!quote - Shows a random quote
!quote find <text> - Attempts to finds a quote with 'text' in it.
!quote info <id> - Shows the quote, the person that added it and if possible when it was added (only for new quotes).


!quote add <quote> - Adds a new quote to the bot


!quote del <id> - Deletes a quote from the bot

If you have any problems, or need help with the new quote system, please join us on #nordic-help and ask whatever you want to ask there (or just reply to this newspost).

Thanks for using NordicBots! :)

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#12005-12-13 16:06 | h3ll (NordicBots Staff)
Nice new feature soc :>

#22005-12-14 20:22 | Petyyy (NordicBots Staff)
The first normal (I mean not helper/admin) user who add a comment get a surprise :D

#32005-12-14 23:08 | Petyyy (NordicBots Staff)
OMGOMGOMG! You are the first! Well what should we give you? any idea? :P

#42005-12-14 23:12 | h3ll (NordicBots Staff)
A free bot by #NordicBots <3 ? :P

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