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New channel settings: Protect your privacy
Posted by soczol at 2010-02-22 16:58:27

As you might have noticed most of the pages that show information about a channel (e.g. chaninfo, stats, logs) are visible to everyone that knows the name of your channel, including search engines like Google. While this might not be a problem for some, we can understand that others would like to keep some information private.

We had already introduced the 'hidelogs' channel setting that made sure that the logs page was not accessible, the downside to this is that the logs page is then not accessible by anyone, not even you as the channel owner. We also received signals that some of our users would want to hide information from the channel information page and stats pages.

To combat these issues we have introduced three new channel settings:

Where [level] is a channel level, defaulting to 'Friend' if not specified.

As you can probably tell from their names and descriptions these channel settings allow you to restrict access to these pages so that only users that have the specified level on your channel can see it.

Say you'd want to make sure that only users with the Master level or higher can view the channel info page then you'd write:

/msg |NordicBots| chanset #yourchannel +restrictchaninfo master

Then when visiting the channel information page the user will be greeted by a login screen asking them to login or register on the website.

After logging in the site checks if the user has linked their QuakeNet account to their NordicBots account already. They will be asked to do that now if they haven't yet done so.

Once they have done that, or if they had already linked their account, they will be given access to the page if they have sufficient access on the channel, else they will be shown a page explaining why they don't have access.

Guess that's about it. Please go and try it out and report any issues you might have.

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#12010-03-12 13:33 | Hippi-
That's amazing. Now I can do channel info only op's ;) Yeah...

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