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Another Birthday!
Posted by Petyyy at 2008-10-25 00:24:01

Today we celebrate Mini-m3's birthday. He is our oldest staff member :P Probably this is a very special birthday for him because today he turns 30!!!

On behalf of the NordicBots staff, I would like to congratulate you! We hope you will have a very nice day with your family and friends.

Your friends @ NordicBots

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#12008-10-25 00:32 | TheAvatar (NordicBots Staff)
Congrats old mate!
Hope you will get a very nice day.
Here in Denmark, it would mean it was time for you to get pepper and a pepper thingie in your garden*.
Err - don't know if its a thing only (weird) Danes do...? :-)

* This is a pepper thingie:

#22008-10-25 20:27 | segumisama (NordicBots Staff)
yay!! congratulations Minime! now get back in that cave with stalker and h3ll!!!

#32008-10-27 18:06 | dusti (NordicBots Staff)
Darn, I totally forgot to check the news for a couple of days.
Anyways, happy birthday man.
Hope you can have a day off to celebrate. :)

#42008-10-28 03:17 | Mini-m3 (NordicBots Staff)
Thank you guys
I donno if i should be happy about the xXx

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