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Bots offline due to power and connection issues
Posted by soczol at 2007-08-03 16:52:39

As you might have noticed our bots are currently offline.

There have been power issues in the datacenter where the server is located, these issues seem to be resolved but we are still experiencing some connection issues - the connection is far from stable and we're having frequent disconnects (every 5 minutes or so).

Because of the huge amount of bots we have and the time it takes to connect them, we will have to wait for a stable connection before we can start them. We don't know how long this will take.

As soon as we feel the connection is stable enough, we will start connecting the bots and we will update this newspost and the #nordicbots topic.

Please be patient and bear with us while these issues are resolved.

Update 17:45 - Bots are reconnecting. However, they might not respond yet until all bots are connected.

Update 18:05 - All bots are online. We're giving them a few minutes to unlag, so expect them to be fully operational again in about 10 minutes.

Update 18:15 - All bots are fine now. We have enabled the request system, so it's possible to get one of our lovely bots again. Thanks for your patience!

The NordicBots Team

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