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*Hurray* One day - Two birthdays! *Hurray*
Posted by TheAvatar at 2007-07-14 00:00:00

Today we can celebrate MunkeN's first birthday in NordicBots as he turns 18! The age where you finally become an official adult. That also means in only 3 years you will be able to buy alcohol and get drunk each weekend! But until then, we hope you will use your time more wisely in NordicBots - alcohol free :)
We hope you will have a very good birthday, get a lot of cool presents (enjoy them! The amount of presents seems to drop drastically after you become "a grown-up") and have a good time!

The other birthday - is a person who can celerate being around for one fourth of a century!
Ooh yer... he turns nothing less than 25! Despite his age he has since the day he joined NordicBots done a lot of work for our service.
Fixing a lot of bugs in the bots, making a lot of new cool features as well as maintaining a big part of our website. Still he has the time to help users, staff as well as just ordinary chatting. Nordicbots would not be what it is today without all your hours of effort!
soczol, it is a big pleasure having you here on your 25th birthday and we hope to have you around for quite a few more! :)

For those of you who wants to congratulate them: /msg soczol,MunkeN` Happy birthday!

On behalf of the NordicBots staff we wish you both a VERY good day! CONGRATS!
- NordicBots Staff

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#12007-07-14 00:00 | Petyyy (NordicBots Staff)
I'd like to congratulate too :)
soczol is a very good friend of mine. He is also the smartest coder guy I know and I'm rly happy that he is with us :)
Dunno what to tell about munken :) I guess he rly grown up because lately he started to behave like an adult :P
Happy birthday mates :)

#22007-07-14 00:08 | soczol (NordicBots Staff)
Thanks guys - appreciated ;)

#32007-07-14 00:18 | dusti (NordicBots Staff)
I'd like to add a congratulation to both you guys, my good friends :) Congrats! <3
(guess Petyyy said it all already ;))

#42007-07-14 00:21 | anton (NordicBots Staff)
Thanks guys. :)

#52007-07-17 03:18 | Mini-m3 (NordicBots Staff)
See the lines upon your face
Like the pattern of old lace

Happy Birthday guys :)

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