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Poll: Multiplayer game support. Which game would you like the most?
Posted by soczol at 2007-06-09 18:22:03

We are continuously trying to expand our services for you - our users. As you know, it's possible to do suggestions for features in our forum, and on IRC in #NordicBots.

A few users have used the opportunity to do this and have requested a "game server information" feature. Although we think that's a nice idea, it's simply not doable to implement support for every possible game, so we need your help in picking the games we will initially be adding support for.

It would be great if you could help us out, click the button below to start voting.

The poll has been closed, thanks to everyone who has voted, it seems we have a clear winner. Congratulations to everyone that voted for Soldat!

If you feel we missed an important game, please let us know by using the comment field of this news item (this does require you to log in).

Also don't forget that if you have an idea, you can always mention it in the forums, or in our IRC channel.

Oh, and, you are only allowed to vote once, please do not cheat.

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#12007-06-11 21:43 | Pevik
Soldat-scene is one of biggest (or maybe the biggest) community in QuakeNet. Soldat FTW :)

#22007-06-12 23:13 | Petyyy (NordicBots Staff)
Come on guys if you wanna stop soldat fans you need more votes :D

#32007-06-13 08:54 | EnEsCe
I think the winner is clear - Soldat. gg's

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