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Posted by TheAvatar at 2005-11-12 23:01:38

Guess I have to test the new newssystem earlier than expected, unfortunately.
The bots just timed out a few minutes ago and we are awaiting what will happen next, if it was a short-termed timeout or if the problems we experienced last week are back again.
An update will follow when we know more.

For your information any bot-related pages like request, bot status etc will not work properly during this downtime.

UPDATE @ 3:00
The line is still not up, so we have so far started the bouncers of the bots elsewhere. That means your bot will NOT respond to any commands. In the morning, if the other server is not yet available, we will decide what to do next.

If the other server suddenly comes back online, duplicates of your bot might appear. Please be aware of that we ONLY use the following hosts for the bots:

UPDATE @ 13:27
As I'm writing this update our bots are reconnecting and should be responding within a few minutes.

Please note that they'll be using the "" host, this might change, in which case you will read about that here.

If your bot didn't rejoin your channel type /msg NB-Check cycle [chan]

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