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Happy birthday X-LP & shitbreak!
Posted by segumisama at 2009-09-09 14:33:15

First and foremost, shitbreak's birthday was actually eight days ago. (No, the nordicbots staff didn't forget about him, they were just all extremely busy...)

And so, happy twenty first birthday to shitbreak as well as X-LP, the two newer staff members of the service.

shitbreak and X-LP are queue workers, meaning, they accept/reject channels, shitbreak is the newest staff member to the service, joining just a few months ago. X-LP's been around a bit longer than that, around two years or so, but they're both invaluable to the team, because *some* of the qws are downright lazy... (not mentioning any names...)

But you can't expect X-LP to be active today, because well, today IS his birthday. Not just his birthday, but his twenty first birthday. that means the only thing he can't do in the U.S. is rent a car (Yeah, I know, the US is crazy) and even though he doesn't drink, I'm sure he'll be out partying and having cake and ice cream and stuff!

(I'm sure shitbreak went out, got drunk, and partied so hard he threw up in a bush, and went and partied some more, too :D)

Happy (late) birthday to you both, hope you guys have (had) a great day!

~the NordicBots team~

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#12009-09-09 14:40 | shitbreak (NordicBots Staff)
Thank you segumisama, i appreciate that :)
"(I'm sure shitbreak went out, got drunk, and partied so hard he threw up in a bush, and went and partied some more, too :D)"

hah.. i didn't :P

#22009-09-09 15:01 | soczol (NordicBots Staff)
Congratulations to both!

It's nice to see that people can be so active in and dedicated to a free service. I'd like to emphasize that we, as a team, really appreciate that and I'm sure a lot of the users that use our services every day will feel the same. I recognize that I probably write a story along these lines in a lot of birthday postings but I think you sometimes can't just say things like this enough, so again: Thanks!

Both of you are in the top 3 of most active queue workers. Together you have handled more than 1400 requests already, shitbreak even having handled more than 900 requests. That's something you both can be proud of!

Happy birthday X-LP and sorry for missing (no, not forgetting!) your birthday shitbreak. Nonetheless I too hope that you've had an awesome birthday!

Thanks for staying with us!

#32009-09-09 15:33 | dusti (NordicBots Staff)
Happy birthday guys!
Hope you have (and had) a splendid day. :)

#42009-09-09 21:50 | ville_
Happy Birthday to both of you!!!

Keep it up boys <3

#52009-09-14 00:44 | Mini-m3 (NordicBots Staff)
Happy birthday, guys! :)

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