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Happy birthday soczol and Munken!
Posted by X-LP at 2009-07-14 05:13:22

Today we celebrate the birthdays of two beloved and dedicated staff members, soczol and MunkeN.

soczol, who is now 27 years ol-, ahem, young, came to the service five years ago. Even before he was a staff member, he helped with various programming, fixing bugs, etc, so it was no surprise that when he was made staff he quickly gained a master technician level. To this day, he implements new features and continues crashin-, ehm, helping* Nordicbots diligently. We wish him a happy birthday with craploads of presents and cake! :D (By the way: You're not old!)

MunkeN is the one and only Nordicbots queue worker!! (OK, not really, there's like, five more.) At only twenty years old, MunkeN is the youngest member of Nordicbots. (But he isn't the most immature, believe us.) He, for the most part, managed Nordicbots when it was on the network 'Gamesurge'. (Sadly, Nordicbots recently got removed from 'Gamesurge'.) Munken is also responsible for that horri- I mean, that AWESOME bouncer, nBounce! (I once asked him what the 'N' in nBounce stands for. His reply: "@MunkeN: the n in nbounce stands for nerds") We hope you have a wonderful birthday and get spanked twenty times! (One for each year, of course!)

~The NordicBots Team~

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#12009-07-14 05:17 | segumisama (NordicBots Staff)
Woah, X-LP posted a newspost!! I've never seen taht before :o

Happy birthday soxxy and munkey <333 ily both have a wonderful birthdays! ^^


#22009-07-14 08:31 | anton (NordicBots Staff)
First of all, thank you soczol.
Over the past ~4-5 years that I've known you, you've helped me almost a million times and I really appreciate it.
Pretty much everything I know about programming is thanks to you. Without your help, or guidance, I wouldn't be running nBounce and I most definitely wouldn't be as good in programming as I am today, the same goes for the 'experience' I have with GNU/Linux.
You've helped me with every project I've worked on, giving me feedback, bug fixes, ideas and also a server to run them on, without ever asking for something in return.
I see you as my mentor, and/or a superhero, who'll always help me when I get stuck. But more importantly - I see you as one of my bestest friends. One that I can always rely to be there for me.
So once again, thanks mate - I appreciate it.

Happy birthday, I hope you get a wonderful day. You deserve it. :)

#32009-07-14 13:19 | Petyyy (NordicBots Staff)
Time passes rapidly, it's already birthday time again so happy birthday guys again :P

#42009-07-14 14:28 | shitbreak (NordicBots Staff)
Happy bday munken and soczol!

#52009-07-14 15:14 | ville_
happyy birthday soccy and munken !!!!!

/me <3 you =)

#62009-07-14 17:23 | dusti (NordicBots Staff)
This day came faster than I thought, even though one of you was seen announcing their age all the time! :P
None the less, I wish you both a very happy birthday!
I hope we can continue spending time together. :)

#72009-07-14 22:15 | soczol (NordicBots Staff)
Hey Everyone,

Thanks to Segumisama for taking the time to write down the nice words that make up this news post (and thanks to X-LP for posting them :))

Also thanks to everyone that replied here or congratulated me on IRC :)

I surely had a nice day with loads of cake, too bad it's already over.


Thanks for the nice comments. As you know it has been a pleasure to 'work' with you. It's nice to see someone grow from a total noob (I have the logs to prove it!) to a pretty advanced developer :)

Thanks for listening to my - sometimes insane - ideas and thanks for taking over (and completely rebuilding) nbounce. It's nice to know that not all work was for nothing.

I hope you too had a great day and don't blame a certain someone too much for getting you /kill'ed (not mentioning any names, you know who you are!)

Oh btw, I don't care what the news post says, 27 is old okay! I'd better take my evening nap.

Thanks everyone!

#82009-07-15 01:05 | X-LP (NordicBots Staff)
Happy Birthday! You guys rock! WOOOOOO!!!!

#92009-08-18 13:51 | Luto
Congratulations =)

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