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  Channel Information
Channel information for! on QuakeNet
Channel:! (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^Offline^
Joined: 2009-05-24 16:38
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 51

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise +autoop +autovoice -badwords
-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans +enforcebans
-flood +greet -google -hidelogs
-image +infobot -massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo +restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes +topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote -weather

Command character: . (commands can be called as .kick, .deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: Welcome to Eat-This! | | !help for more info. | Everything is under new domain

Privacy settings
Logs page: Access restricted. Required level: Master
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

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Statistics language: Not localized (English)

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
danmer Owner 2020-04-16 21:00
Gizd Voice 2023-02-05 17:50
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 1 voice and 0 friends added to the bot

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ID Quote Added by
#1 <UnknownSniper> Spkka is a guy? :O Gizd
#2 <@Sai`ke> they should force prisoners to do ttw gathers! Amorph
#4 <@tk`> I was invented to ttw by bomb Amorph
#5 [22:05] <jahgringo> netherlands are near holland? BombSki`
#11 <+Gizd> amorph is like achilles, he survives every nade, law, m79, but 1 ak bullet below his feet kill him Amorph
#12 <+Gizd> !ass <+Gizd> zomg <+Gizd> !add Amorph
#13 <+MetalWarrior> just don't make me be rad <+MetalWarrior> or I will order clusters Amorph
#14 [21:54] <@TTW-Gather> WOOT 1000th gather coming up! Size set to 10! MetalWarrior
#19 <MetalWarrior> ahahaha greg calling something immature, that's as low as it gets :p BombSki^
#20 <^greg> bombski, you should never challenge our stupidity :< BombSki`
#21 <@BombSki`> so yea 10min ago i was on my way to get dinner and now im discussing how much lettuce kebab should have.. Gizd
#23 <@lewymati> metal is cocking Gizd
#24 <+Pavliko> I need my mouth >_> <+Pavliko> mouse* Gizd
#25 <Gizd> concluding, TheOne, if you want to talk with a normal ppl talk to BB or ops BombSki`
#26 <+rumpel^> !quote find rumpel <+rumpel^> :D Gizd
#27 <+Gizd> Spkka what is that "pinky", <+Shadow|> the smallest finger you have Spkka
#28 <+Pavliko> gaga buce lewy Gizd
#29 <Pavliko> I'm more mature Nixer`
#30 <@BombSki`> theres no night in desert Gizd
#31 <@BombSki^> i suck tk Gizd
#34 <+Nixer`> hurd there's a lot of cars :/ <+Nixer`> that go horny when you're slow Gizd
#35 * +Norbo11 reserects Gizd
#36 <+Wstar> Shadow|: how much sunlight are you getting? Gizd
#37 <Norbo11> i will suck cos i have to take care of my sister <Wstar> omg I DON'T WANNA KNOW BombSki`
#38 <+Shadow|> I bet the guy who made fort sucks even more!! :OOO Acid-Elemental
#39 <Spkka> they usually responds pretty quick <Spkka> 1/2 days Gizd
#40 <+Tazaraki> !say2 Eh? Which zombies? Gizd
#41 <EliteTK> metal you should be admin of soldat lewymati
#42 <+Acid-Elemental> Norbo - are you black? Norbo11
#43 [Rad] fuck you, norbo Acid-Elemental
#44 <+Nixer`> Norbo11, whine policy <+Norbo11> rime sux so fucking much Norbo11
#45 <@lewymati> btw its quite funny, 20 ppl joins every day some stupid channel to kill each other and take bunkers, they even talk and whine about it, they even put effort to make own things like maps, scripts etc... Lol, our meeting in real world could be funny Norbo11
#46 <+Acid-Elemental> friggin dutch and their retarded pseudotrance :x Norbo11
#47 <Shadow|> I think Spkka is having a period :o Gizd
#48 [#2] <+The One> Falcon would add, his ping is fine (<4500) Acid-Elemental
#50 "Gay Nickname is already in use." Shadow|
#51 <OhyeahOhyeah> Damn LS is the cancer that is killing TTW BombSki`
#52 [17:01] TheOne: admin requested on #1 - reason: kamikazes killed themselves.. TheOne
#53 <DrHouse> oh no mum <DrHouse> he cant see that Gizd
#54 <Spkka> I am not a nerd.. Nerds don't exist to me <Spkka> I prefer "smart people" BombSki`
#55 [19:25] <+Acid-Elemental> size 6 or can I go watch hentai? |Buaha|
#56 <@TTW-Gather> Gathers since 14-12-2007: 1500 Last one played on: Tue Mar 23 22:22:39 2010 TehGookstuh
#57 <+Pavliko> I just had a crazy dream, All those little people from minecraft came to my hair and started to build huge structures!!! Spkka
#58 [18:17] <+Shadow|> Maybe someday when I grow up MetalWarrior
#59 <+Gizd> holy fuck <+Gizd> ill never ragequit in mid of gather anymore Gizd
#60 [22:27] Gizd: face = mouth = eat TheOne`
#61 Tazaraki: It's german, But it works Falcon`
#62 [20:37] <Yuursk> imma walk on my dog. Buaha`
#63 DrHouse: half ppl from here should be politicians :P Falcon`
#64 [17:36:01] <+Falcon`> I love my arsse MetalWarrior
#65 Chexs: i am half-psycho too Falcon`
#66 <+Pavliko> You cannot ban me~ Acid-Elemental
#67 Deleted Quote #67: Gizd: ttw is a phoenix, dunno how many times it can rebirth though Sandmann
#68 [00:45:22] <+Devas> !status[00:45:38] <+Devas> huh.[00:45:43] *** Devas has quit IRC: Quit [01:15:29] <@TTW-Gather> [0/6] © x © x © x © x © x © x MetalWarrior
#69 [20:46] <@BombSki`> the chances of me agreeing with you twice in 1 day are quite small so you might as well shut up now DrHouse
#71 DrHouse`: i'm childish ? OY`: Yes. DrHouse`: look around Falcon`
#72 [18:50:21] <Buaha> I've become less idiot since i am in db communicty Nixer`
#73 (20:06:34) (+TheOne`) why should we even eat.. one day we'll have no food. m`O`d`
#74 DrHouse: ive got too slow net to get any virus Falcon`
#75 Acid-Elemental: if I don't get a chance for revenge, my life will lose the point Falcon`
#76 (+Acid-Elemental) forget about it, I'm not going to abandon my third-grade trolling YD`
#77 <TheOne`> TTW Gather is about fun YD`
#78 [23:00:05] <+Gizd> instead of everything banging me whenever it feels like MetalWarrior
#79 Falcon`: Dude joined looked at dummy trapped in core and asked "How can i help you?" TheOne`
#80 (on MMod) [Pidzama Power] !msg hey, come to ls5 TheOne`
#81 dnmr`: i shall be your new mother | dnmr`: sleep, you silly TheOne`
#82 (13:40:34) (@InfoBot`) [#2] <{BC} Monsteri> DUMMY WOKE UP AND TRIED TO KILL ME!!! YD
#83 <+Pavliko> lisa is a good bitch <+Pavliko> I mean sabo Acid-Elemental
#84 (+YD`) copynpaste the lines (Monsteri) Ok (Monsteri) Didn't work :< (+YD`) you cant just copy and paste? (Monsteri) I did that (Monsteri) Copied (Monsteri) deleted (Monsteri) pasted YD`
#85 (21:13) * +YD summons TO (21:13) * +Acid-Elemental joins the ritual (21:13) * +OY waves his hands around like a maniac (21:14:)  -› Quit: kroati ([email protected]) (Ping timeout) (21:14:) (+Acid-Elemental) I think we used the wrong spell YD
#86 <+Acid-Elemental> Everyone and their mother can defeat me. Acid-Elemental
#87 DrHouse: type !ban 7 1 Monsteri: I'm not going to ban him Falcon`
#88 <Acid-Elemental> seriously, I've always loved this community <Acid-Elemental> I've never been honest about it; in 2008 even outright denying BombSki`
#89 tk`: seriously, these emotions while awaiting your next line of /me... worldbot
#91 [23:54] <+Lisa`> i should spam more in here. :| House
#92 <Kaspar> Hey, Soldat is like the really annoying mother-in-law of a really hot girl. The hot girl is the ttw. You just gotta put up with the annoying mother-in-law. BombSki`
#93 Greywolf: i dint care Greywolf: i will keep complaining Falcon`
#94 <+Lisa``> and im still trying to see those boobs in my name. AIIWE
#95 (00:30:21) [King Dingeling] we dont want you on this server fuglefucker TheOne`
#96 kamiquasi: people hear a crowd laugh, so psychologically they get inclined to laugh along Falcon`
#97 <@TTW-Gather> [1/5.8f] © Falcon` © x © x © x © x Falcon`
#98 (23:08:07) <LS> Kosha has joined as a Priest | (23:08:36) [Kosha] tk buy water plz TheOne`
#99 16:49:38 <DrHouse> ok, back to cocking dnmr`
#100 <@GatherBot> Gather 2372 has started! The map is: kamiquasi`! dnmr`
#101 (MMod) [BlackMaster] butcher wtah class u play? TheOne`
#102 GatherBot: TheOne` is already in the gather! (as Hecox) TheOne`
#103 <Norbo11> <---- oldfag Gizd
#105 <+Gizd> spkka is always busy playing lol <@Spkka> Gizd is always bitching at Spkka BombSki`
#106 <@BombSki`> im cool like this, and ive got a message for you from dsg Spkka
#107 * newbie62 is now known as falcon` BombSki`
#108 <@BombSki`> tits or gtfo <+Lisa`> ( . Y . ) <@Spkka> i could fap to that BombSki`
#109 <+Gizd> GIRLS CAN'T PLAY DOTA Gizd
#110 <Gizd> Lisa`, sneeze for me BombSki`
#111 <+dSg> i think this is the first time someone has laughed at my remarks on this channel BombSki
#112 <Hate_xmas> I dont dislike xmas BombSki`
#113 <@Spkka> just need to wait a bit and come out of the closet BombSki`
#114 <@Falcon`> i have power for stats <@Falcon`> not person Gizd
#115 <+SethGecko> I have just seen dnmr talking, now i can stop playing gathers Falcon`
#116 <+Ibuprofen> 3 hours sleep, 6 hours in school, no homework done, GG Spkka
#117 <+universal`> my life is too cute BombSki`
#118 <@Spkka> I just don't feel comfortable using the stick BombSki`
#119 <+DrHouse> I thought that you like to puke <+DrHouse> thats why you're playing minecraft BombSki`
#121 <House> Polish cocks are quite dirty BombSki`
#122 <Spkka> nothing wrong with my peener! kamiquasi
#123 <Spkka> COME ON PENIS DO ITTTTTTTTT kamiquasi
#124 (16:09:42) [AWESOME TURBONIGGER !!!] your phone rings when someone is doing crime in soldat ? TheOne`
#125 <MetalWarrior> so many dicks to choose from kamiquasi
#126 [frumple`] you bunch of no lifers | [frumple] ...hurry up TheOne`
#128 <ionwood> da troll key.. da TROLL KEY.. da.. oh, fuck it, da weapon drop key! kamiquasi
#129 <+universal`> i have a headache now :D <+universal`> bcoz of this gather <+universal`> someone must turn off the stats Freemanpl23
#130 <Spkka> NOM NUTSACKS _kamiquasi_
#131 <IM`> mmod? <IM`> what? <IM`> I came here for guns and bitches, not for harry potter universal`
#132 <+porn> 4 vs nub i guess? Nub_
#133 <universal`> guys, I have 2h of pedagogics <universal`> it is fucking goal of a student <universal`> skip pedagogics <SethGecko> yea, study that uni, so you know how to deal with nub :D universal`
#134 <universal`> in polish slang icecream = blowjob <_kamiquasi_> [[email protected]:05:38] <universal`> went to shop for some stuff and bought an icecream accidentally <universal`> fucking logs SethGecko
#135 <+Freemanpl23> i always play in my bed Spkka
#136 <Danse Macabre> [...] grumpies r ok kamiquasi
#137 [21:27] Formax: what aboud Lisa`? [21:28] Spkka: MHHHHHM ICECREAM Formax
#138 <SethGecko> Lisa` re-add? <Lisa`> i dunno, im in bed and i suck :< SethGecko
#139 [00:17] <+frumple`> !score [00:17] <@^GatherSlut^> Your score, frumple`: 0.558621[00:17] <+frumple`> well, can't win everything universal`
#140 <+Albatross> "ttw gathers are like fast sex" Freemanpl23
#141 <+universal`> I realized why I took fun from gathers last time <+universal`> coz nub was offline ;/ nub
#142 <Mittsu> i had an episode with a flute too Falcon`
#143 <<actual TS conversation>> <RakketyTam>Who are you SethGecko? <SethGecko>Well.. I'm SethGecko <RakketyTam> mmmm... but who are you? I'm confused... <SethGecko> what? <RakketyTam>I'm so confused... mmm... I'm confused... who are you Freeman? Why is your name Freeman? I'm so confused... SethGecko
#144 (Mittsu) you pleasure ladies with dick hair Pavliko
#145 <Spkka> MHM IT LOOKS BIGGER NOW I SHAVED universal`
#146 <universal`> im turning on my tournament computer SethGecko
#147 <LadyGaga> Lisa` :x <Lisa`> what? <LadyGaga> 4? <Lisa`> spierdalaj cwelu <Lisa`> nie <LadyGaga> :o <Lisa`> ssij size 4 <LadyGaga> wtf... Formaz
#148 [21:09] <Formax> wiecie skad ten nick? [21:09] <Formax> mialem kiedys gacie, sram i widze metke: FORMAX universal`
#149 <Vanatox> So, who dont she? Formax
#150 <Spkka> lick my armpits! kamiquasi
#151 <+ErryTheAFKer> yeah but they still reach dirt and shit. Like those dreadlocks you got on your asshole :D Spkka
#152 [00:08] <TheOne`> such a small, 10cm one US`
#153 <@kamiquasi> Vana.. TheOne tell me on TeamSpeak to tell you on IRC that in response to your message on IRC he said on TeamSpeak that he can't play on TTW Vanatox_
#154 [17:30] <Formax> good buy firends [17:30] == Formax has quit Vanatox
#155 <OY> what's going? Are we hugging TheOne or picking a fight with Nameless? <spodermenpls> choose your destiny OY kamiquasi
#156 OY: Yeah, I hack so hard that, out of all the active players, I have the lowest ratio! porn: well, you are worst hacker in this community SethGecko_
#157 jahgringo: NamelessWolf, seriously? you win twice in a row - everything's ok. you lose by 6 tickets, "gather seemed rigged" SethGecko_
#158 TheOne: I had a dream last night. I TS'd with porn. and he suddenly had a mic. and an own voice. SethGecko_
#159 <Formax> 334 -340 = 50%? Vanatox
#160 <SethGecko> it's about fear, if you are not afraid of spiders, you have no problem dealing with them. <ErryTheDeagler has joined!><ErryTheDeagler> No fear!!! <SethGecko> exactly SethGecko
#161 ErryTheÐeagler: Q pew pew? SethGecko
#162 <hringoja> btw I ate like 5 stroopwafels today :( | <Spkka> somehow I feel guilty for that. miquasika
#163 [Vanatoxy] T: 1000 W: 500 [50%] L: 500 [50%] SethGecko
#164 <aD> wait <aD> so there's been 6294 gathers before!? <Vanatox> yes... <aD> you people wasted so much time of your life universal`
#165 <Lisa`> its 2:30am and im sitting in fron of my laptop watching a fat dude sitting in front of his pc. where is my life going. SethGecko
#166 <NoFear> 39 Formax
#167 <OY> I'm gay. Formi
#168 <Powah> porn is awesome SethGecko
#169 <TheOne> now how do we find porn? googling might not be the best option SethGecko
#170 (+jahgringo) I refuse to participate in any activity that embraces negative emotions in me. pavliko
#171 <@GatherBot> You must be admin or op to use !del Falcon`
#172 <+Pavliko> happy new fucking year <+Pavliko> !ыефеы porquilho
#173 (nigguh) Falcon: what gender youre ? pavliko
#174 <+Lisa`> wohooo \o/ today i learned something private about TO! today was a gud day. Falcon

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