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  Channel Information
Channel information for #elsanna on QuakeNet
Channel: #elsanna (Chat Now!)
Bot: |Pussy|
Joined: 2014-04-16 20:18
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 33

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Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
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Timezone: GMT+1
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Enforced topic: “Without sacrifice, true love is incomprehensible.”

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Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

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HKAS Owner 2021-11-25 10:16
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ID Quote Added by
#1 [09:58] Lysio: They'll be gone tomorrow though, so no Anna fingering Elsa and pissing on Hans I'm afraid Annelsa
#2 [10:01] Uniporn: don't send me piss, yeah Annelsa
#3 [22:26:24] <Lysio> Yay pussy! Annelsa
#4 [23:20:32] <T-800_Hans> Your clothes... give them to me, now. Annelsa
#5 [23:23:38] <Fikkelward_> My sports tend to involve a bed, alcohol and lots of bodices to unlace. Annelsa
#6 [14:56] Lysio: Uni I upvoted your boobs. Annelsa
#7 [23:43:04] <T-800_Hans> Fuck you, asshole. Annelsa
#9 [02:22] uniporn: Throws box in the air, murders king and frick, then takes lizzy hostage and rides sari out the window Annelsa
#10 [12:58] Lysio: phew, I'm black now, thank you Annelsa
#11 [00:16:08] <Lysio> Nah, Pussy is fine. Annelsa
#12 [18:39] <Lizzy> but it's still a lot more effort than just being like he sucked her giant cock Jokey665
#13 [09:53] <uniporn> but it !NOTICE->hurs<-TYPO! even more when I swallow Annelsa
#14 [07:27.48] <Rynn> Uni, on further thought, having someone eat chocolate from someone's butt could easily be taken the wrong way. Annelsa
#15 [10:33] <Sarinturn> I suppose I could bow to that guy Annelsa
#16 [13:07] Lysio: Rynn, you're still not willing to give me that massage huh? kuschku
#17 [11:47] Lysio: Too bad Liz, I'm right-handed! kuschku
#18 [16:55] Lysio: Yeah, faster kuschku
#20 [19:11] Lysio: Sarin, we Europeans are a lot more... 'liberal'. kuschku
#21 [12:34] <Lizzy> 17 inches of pure pleasure kuschku
#22 [01:37] <FemHades> it's SO huge kuschku
#23 [13:45] <Sarinturn> Being #elsanna is angst. But it is also love. It is angst and love, two lovers locked in an eternal, dancing embrace. And it is beautiful. Jokey
#24 [13:57] <Sarinturn> Pussy giveth, and pussy taketh away Jokey
#25 [23:17] <_Elsa_> I still have fun with myself :3 kuschku
#28 [12:38:58] <uniporn> no, she said she only has it hard kuschku
#29 [11:53:21] <Royalistic> Nice talk, people. I've got an oral exam in two hours so I gotta go ~ kuschku
#30 [18:09:17] <uniporn> I just used the 10 tips that came along kuschku
#32 [00:19:24] <Elisabeth> one thing led to another and i woke up and voila im in someone elses bed kuschku
#33 [18:59:30] <Gilgamesh> She really liked pictures of Anna eating Elsa out. kuschku
#34 [00:47:13] <Lysio> I have the best sausage. kuschku
#35 [00:45:52] <Elsie> i like sausages in general kuschku
#36 [02:12] <aoSpunk> Well because SEMEN apparently! kuschphoneAFK
#37 [17:53] <Sarinturn> Let's get back to fucking cats and stuff Jokey
#38 [18:58] <Rynn> I masturbated with a fork once, not all it's cracked up to be. kuschku
#39 [00:55] <aoSpunk> Liz, I'd like to grate my tongue along that hardy 12 pack of yours Jokey
#40 [03:30] aoSpunk: Daaaaamn I just looked in the mirror and I look blazed as ffffffffffff kuschku
#41 [03:23] aoSpunk: Aficionado of Semen Punk :( kuschku
#44 [22:04:58] <Lysio> I bet she can blow. kuschku
#45 [01:29.27] <Rynn> Move on, she's been tainted by a penis which isn't yours. kuschku
#46 [16:53] <@Jokey> maybe i unconsciously sucked a thousand dicks Jokey
#47 [03:28] <@Elsie> i have no control over pussy Elsie
#48 [07:14:54] <Moosebrawn> I just want a cheap, efficient, reliable prostitute. Elstop
#49 21:01:14 - aoSpunk: He/She also ran away upon realizing that I'm a 45 year old free loving reefer dudebro ElsieTawp
#50 [18:01:20] <Uniporn> Hey I came kuschku
#51 [12:09:16] <Melancholia> I just want them in my mouth! Elsie
#52 [10:14:17] <exDere> bring prick back kuschku
#53 [10:36:57] <exDere> i dripping on my bed, brb kuschku
#54 [17:06:30] <Moosebrawn> What else was I going to do while my babysitter was off being a dragon? Lizzy
#55 [00:40:41] <exDere> Ah, fuck me please! kuschku
#56 [23:11] <aoSpunk> I could use a power fuck right now Elsie
#57 [22:49:48] <hkas> kuschku can now control my vibration kuschku
#58 [23:26:06] <~Rynn> Well, I hate the French but certainly don't hate women, I love pussy. Philipp_Jasper
#59 [03:27] <@kuschku> So actually I just talk nonsense all the time kuschku
#60 [21:12:34] <Lysio> well I guess I'm pretty bad, but the fact that I'm lying while typing doesn't really help kuschku
#62 <Elsie> I lovve it up the arse exDere
#63 <Elsie> i will fist him exDere
#64 [04:50] <@kuschku> Lysio, I love you! exDere
#65 [08:30] <hkas> can't waste my money sitting around doing things I could do at home kuschku
#66 [04:20:44] <exDerelict> I dont count weed as drugs, so i'd say the same Elsie
#67 <seasidevoice> i'm strung out on cocaine maybe 90% of the time exDere
#68 <exDere> oh wow 12 inches exDere
#69 [12:01] <Lysio> hmm it burned last time Janne-
#70 [12:27] <hkas> I may be cheap, but I'm not easy exDere
#71 [00:31] <qnpe> Ah, just the crack fondness. You know, boring stuff. exDere
#72 [11:08.47] <exDere> but gonna practice blowing a bit tomorrow exDere
#73 [10:32.30] <exDere> i'll demonstrate the fuck game for you on skype next time exDere
#74 [11:45.40] <Moosebrawn> Jojo drilled it into me real young exDere
#75 [12:11.23] <exDere> touching your female friends is nice exDere
#76 [19:02:29UTC+1] <deredere> yeah...i'm super active at night hkas
#77 [04:15.19] <@hkas> I prefer orgasms to be in my penis deredere
#78 [11:40.07] <kopkop> but I like licking deredere
#79 [03:20] <qnpe> I'd rather exchange nudes with the channel. janne`
#80 [06:26.03] <qnpe> I'm also exDere's lesbian lover. exDerelict
#81 [02:55:18 UTC+1] <axi_> dafuq guys. I'm wearing jeans and this is getting uncomfortable D: hkas
#82 [09:41:58 UTC+1] <exLOL> and i just made myself orgasm with free will alone hkas
#83 <NK33> you can do most of what a replicator does with 3D printing and sufficient nanoshenanigans hkas
#84 <deredere> imagine i lock on your vagina hkas
#85 <DragonAnna> I'd make an Elsanna Youtube show with my Disney Infinity figures, but their clothes don't come off. hkas
#86 <Keiko> being smooth is nice :D hkas
#87 <neiromaru> life is just a really complicated rpg with lots of grinding hkas
#88 <exDerelict> those are the tastiest kinds of boobies hkas
#89 [2014-10-13 18:30] <NK33> jooooooiiiiinnn us in bed :3 justJanne
#90 [03:34:48 UTC+1] -*- Keiko grabs the pole and tugs at it hkas
#91 [04:10.10] <cyberano> you have my respect if you are two-timing sushi >.> exDerelict
#92 [22:38] <Jotunn_Elsa> You can't just use "pussy" willy nilly exDere
#93 [06:24.59] <Arashi> me and my girlfriends were always eating out Arashi
#94 <justJanne> I just want a proper nice D justJanne
#95 [09:30] <kopi> I'm good. been playing ass effect the whole day. deredere
#96 <RoarToTheSouth> Hooray! Lesbian bees! hkas
#97 [2014-06-11] <hkas_> it'd be all "odd, didn't I leave a chocolate covered woman around here? now there's only a non chocolate covered woman, Keiko!!!!" justJanne
#98 <neiromaru> shit! plug that thing up quick! it's flooding everywhere! Keiko
#99 <neiromaru> look, don't knock buttplugs until you've tried them Keiko
#100 <Jotunn_Elsa> No, cuz it'd just be like "Ahh--ohh-wahhh-hack-gag-pukes on dick* Keiko-neko
#101 <NK33> I definitely want to be holding a sculpt of Elsa and Anna licking eachother's pussies in my sweaty hand while talking to a bunch of coding geeks and horny lesbians online hkas
#102 <Melancholia> Though I think for me to ever visit Alabama a federal judge would need to strike down the state itself Keiko-neko
#103 <@hkas> some of it might have gone in my mouth! Keiko
#104 <RoarToTheSouth> We'll live together in a state of perpetual silence while we sit and cuddle together, reading trashy lesbian books and delicious yums. hkas
#105 <RoarToTheSouth> Now Keiko is surely a winner! I'd love to take her to dinner, We'd be dancing all night, Such a wonderful sight, To then see my fingers within her Keiko
#106 <@hkas> I don't like tea, I'm more brit-ish than british K|Writing
#107 [16:42] <Elise> but after the korean war we lost a mountain :( Keiko
#108 <@hkas> I'm not saying americans can't drive, but you have the same death rate per km as new zealand, and they've got dragons K|Sick
#109 <RoarToTheSouth> Now it's kopi that I must address, he's great I must profess, but he's a damn boy, which gives me no joy, but I'd fuck him nevertheless Hepatia
#110 <@hkas> <NK33> Keiko's boss wants to get into her pants, confirmed. <Keiko> Hopefully the recent FCC decision will force things in that direction. Keiko
#111 <Were-Cat> Anna:[to "Jingle Bells"] Pulling down her pants, yanking off my own, underneath the mistletoe I'll make my sister moan. Oh, Elsa's hot, Elsa's hot, we'll go all the way... Keiko-neko
#112 <Roar> Such as, Deathstar-esque hymen obliterations. hkas
#113 [16:36] <+PrincessRoar> I don't care where ice goes or who's what's go in my wheres. Just make me cold! Keiko
#114 [22:22] <@Keiko> LOL, 'Be my sister' is like a marriage proposal around here. Keiko
#115 [00:18] <+PrincessRoarPhD> No, it's normal sized. It just looks big cause I'm small. Daniella
#116 <hkas> I think Roar's actually super tall, but she spends so much time horizontal that on average it's just 4'10 hkas
#117 <Melancholia> It better be legendarily gay hkas
#118 [20:29] <@Keiko> I love giving Roar the V. Keiko
#119 <EmprincessRoar> I really, really hate being hot hkas
#120 <ExtremeElsanna> I could never get my left hand to work when I tried... hkas
#121 <@hkas> and so it came to pass, though civilisations had risen and fallen, fallen and risen, that upon this day, Melancholia did finish a fic. Keiko
#122 <@hkas> keiko noodles, long and thin and if you heat them up they bend over Keiko
#123 [14:17] <@deredere> May as well, since I'm going to be spending my whole weekend in bed and sexting deredere
#124 <Sapphi> we have a couple of big ones dereIsStrange
#125 <axi> aaaaaaanyways, dinner time, then crap afterwards. dereIsStrange
#126 [19:22] <@Fresley> I've never had any kind of surgery, good thing, cuz I already freaked out when I get a small cock Keiko
#127 [11:35] <neiromaru> hehe, this is why I prefer games that only involve finger movement Keiko
#128 <Rawr> Twice in one day. Awwwww yeah. hkas
#129 <Were-Cat> Know what gives me strength? Hearing Korra's VA say "If I was still in my bi phase, I'd eat your ass like a sandwich. I'm just kidding. I never left my bi phase." Keiko
#130 <NK33> you can't have everyone trying to play with neiro's pussy at once deredere
#131 <@hkas> With great power comes great heatsinks Keiko
#132 Melancholia dresses all in black and mourns Keiko
#133 <toby> I stretched and my crotch cracked hkas
#134 <greendragons> hehe. cat torture hkas
#135 <dereBot> Sigh... 29 inches. I so want it, but the cost is just not worth it. hkas
#136 <@Keiko> So you and EG are gonna be double-incest-fucking Manda? Keiko
#137 <neiromaru> in a world with polymorph a harem of hobgoblins is a harem of anything Keiko
#138 <neiromaru> you know it's a real party when there's a naked lady inside the birthday keik Keiko
#139 [20:24:30] * Maddie paws at Melancholia's meat Maddie
#140 <neiromaru> she's like a human sized shake-weight, complete with the odd sexual undertones Keiko
#141 @deredere gives you vagina shaped chocolate kisses K|Sleep
#142 <Melancholia> Don't eat me without asking, dere Keiko
#143 <@Anthy> Dere, pull a sword from my chest! Anthy
#144 <EG> Well, IRC is basically multiplayer Notepad, so... Keiko
#145 <TrinityAlice> Nothing's too big to put in your pussy if you're brave enough! Keiko
#146 <neiromaru> see? that's why you don't shove such big things into pussy, she breaks Keiko
#147 <EG> She has fingers! Why can't she just use those? hkas
#148 <+PrincessRoar> Like baking and reading and doing Keiko's ass. Keiko
#149 <+PrincessRoar> No fucking me while I'm full of cheese! Keiko
#150 [14:11] <@hkas> "we got those rugs at Carpet Diem" Keiko
#151 [14:23] <@Keiko> Roar's a hard taste to describe. Keiko
#152 <@bakemono> I also cum with cornuts. Keiko
#153 <deredere> I really want to drill these guys Keiko
#154 <BaronKelvin> I'm DJ Nikki and I'm here to rap / You sucka emcees betta give a crap / You're pullin' lame verses right outta yo pocket / I've seen better flows from my rendered rocket / You can't compete with my verbage eclectic / Your rhymes are 2-d but mine are volumetric Keiko
#155 <BaronKelvin> Schadenfraud: A half-hearted attempt to enjoy the suffering of others Keiko
#156 <BaronKelvin> There once was a princess named Roar/Her girlfriends numbered five score/She loved everyone/And turned away none/Because love is an open door. Keiko
#157 <qnpe> I'm friendly and chaste! Keiko
#158 <BaronKelvin> PrincessRoar's a full service slut/If your love life is stuck in a rut/She'll hold your hand/Girlfriend on demand/Just as long as she gets a cut. Keiko
#159 <neiro> if there's no muffin, nikki will just have to go in the muff Keiko
#160 <@hkas> drink enough water to float our ship K_
#161 <PrincessRoar> Without you guys, it's just alone in our room, masturbating while watching Disney movies. TaigaS
#162 <hkas> we can meet up there, I'll bring tiny people so it's not weird hkas
#163 <hkas> always wear protection Izombie
#164 [17:09] <@hkas> Elsa, your clothing is so flimsy I can tell the cold is bothering you Keiko
#165 <NK33> my mouth feels fucked o.o dereWriter
#166 <+PrincessRoar> Yeah! Get your pants off and your ass in the air, EG. It's time to take a trip to pound town. Keiko
#167 <@K|Ish> Uh-oh, Matt's here. Imminent anal pounding incoming! Ready yourself, Jack! Keiko
#168 <matjojo> I´ll also whip out my alternates Keiko
#169 <neiro> also it's longer than a minute, that's a terrible time by roar's standards Keiko
#170 <@MadHatter> Yeah! Strip It Roar! Strip it real good! Keiko
#171 <@hkas> or "use" a banana Jessa
#172 <@exDerelict> We should definitely eat them Jessa
#173 <@Jessa> Sleep.exe has encountered a runtime error. <@hkas> Wake.exe has refused to quit Jessa
#174 <@hkas> the game I play most often is "updating steam client" Jessa
#175 <@hkas> kobayashi marutherfucker Jessa
#176 <Boxy> I'm more of a dick-taker than a dictator hkas
#177 <@hkas> rated nk33 for explicit spaceships Jessa
#178 <@hkas> Trump tower is decorated in Late Gadaffi/Early Saddam style Jessa
#179 [11:34] <neiro> hehe, well I'll add it to my big pile of lesbian books Jessa
#180 <boxy> Lish: don't make me put YOUR cuteness in her Jessa
#181 <@hkas> you can't marry a cousin you've just met Jessa
#182 <@hkas> it's more than 3/5ths of a month Jessa
#183 <@hkas> it's a little known fact that Lord Pannick's first name is Don't Jessa
#184 <@hkas> A Slightly Used Hope Jessa

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