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Channel information for #capturestrikorz on QuakeNet
Channel: #capturestrikorz (Chat Now!)
Bot: |0wn4g3|
Joined: Unknown
QuakeNet service: Q
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Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Welcome to #capturestrikorz nick . Enjoy your stay!
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LIGHTABSORBER Owner 2023-02-05 07:09
benj Op 2013-10-18 14:03
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ID Quote Added by
#1 (21:54:27) (+ekuL) I LOVE LETO'FREAK AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS IT (this amsg is a gay one!) [BONFIRE]
#2 [ @MadMac ] well we had a gay at a party here and he thought 2 were gay in my flat ashley[mp]
#3 (20:56:02) (@MadMac) we need more quotes :D [BONFIRE]
#4 (17:14:58) (@[BONFIRE]) i just sneezed chips out of my nose :/ D-Jay
#5 (17:00:43) (@[Cadaver]) <- totally not drunk ... ; (17:00:51) (@[Cadaver]) lmao not trfue; (17:00:55) (@[Cadaver]) true* [BONFIRE]
#6 [F!re-Fly] MadMac: i saw an english version of you today! MadMac
#7 [23:06:55] <HamstaHue> MadMac
#8 [BONFIRE]: (22:38:24) (@HamstaHue) dont u love the french <-- i have france HamstaHue
#9 harl^: fuck off dutch cunt and die HamstaHue
#10 <serak> Hamstahue has insane skills multiplied with 1000 !!! (for real) HamsaHue
#11 (@[Cadaver]) |¤|-|3412 |)4 |\/|00|\| [Cadaver]
#12 (19:28:25) —› quit: (ud-jakz[aw]) ([email protected]) (G-lined) [BONFIRE]
#13 (18:56:23) (@D-Jay`lap) [18:56:16] • Stats: your PC has crashed (60) times until now. This makes an average of (0.2) times per day. [BONFIRE]
#14 (00:49:11) (@[FireFly]) bon just stuf; (01:34:28) (@[FireFly]) bon stuf; (02:42:23) (@[FireFly]) stuf [BONFIRE]
#15 [ @[Cadaver] ] 10100111001 <- binaire 1337 ashley[mp]
#16 [ @[BONFIRE] ] i like short guys : [ @[BONFIRE] ] they are cute :D ashley[mp]
#17 (23:52:34) (@[FireFly]) !quot [BONFIRE]
#18 [ @[Crucio] ] thank got i havnt'got one ashley[mp]
#19 [ @ashley[mp] ] bumblebee tuna ashley[mp]
#20 (23:51:00) (@[FireFly]) bon im listening to that lame danish song again; (23:51:04) (@[FireFly]) its so great ;/ [BONFIRE]
#21 [ @[BONFIRE] ] this owns, we have our own quotes, and bash ;D ashley[mp]
#22 —[BONFIRE]— !bash for randon bashquote ashley[mp]
#23 (23:33:27) (@^azer) brb need to own ph [BONFIRE]
#24 MadMac I had a geeky moment today [BONFIRE]
#25 <neve> i'd rather watch gay pr0n than miss pinchy tbh [BONFIRE]
#26 [@Joa-CAPs]: i miss pinchy :/ [BONFIRE]
#27 (@ashley[mp]) you cant speel [BONFIRE]
#28 (21:46:10) (@Regroup^D-Jay) i am d-gay and iam very drunk [BONFIRE]
#29 nick: (ud-jakz) is now known as (ud-jakz[aw]) [BONFIRE]
#30 [14:41:32] <AllSeeingSpyBot> ^0ph^2'^7spy^ kicked... please run AllSeeingSpy. MadMac
#31 (17:06:21) (@[BONFIRE]) how do u act 'normal'? [BONFIRE]
#32 ekuL`: well, driving while ^azer sucks your dick has got to be hard HamstaHue
#33 (17:15:41) (@[Cadaver]) ow wait, april is before may [BONFIRE]
#34 [ @MadMac ] i suck ashley[mp]
#35 (18:25:08) (@MadMac) thats why ure alcohol is that expensive; (18:25:19) (@MadMac) u guys dont need it to make women look pretty [BONFIRE]
#36 (16:06:58) (diabz`afk) incest + incest = azer ;p [BONFIRE]Q3A
#37 (19:02:17) • +ud-jakz blows a kiss to skilzz [BONFIRE]
#38 bonfire love to touch men with his trojan virus tetris fucking penis! ashley[mp]
#39 (17:28:29) —› quit: (L) ([email protected]) (No difference between man and mouse - both end up in pussy.) [BONFIRE]
#40 (23:39:08) (@funnyb) ur danish are alright [BONFIRE]
#41 (22:30:06) (+PrettyCow) I dislike Dick [BONFIRE]
#43 (17:54:12) (+fLoWeRgIrL) bonfire is my husband thats why he act like this:P [BONFIRE]
#44 (@[BONFIRE]) i found out (@[BONFIRE]) that i have the same one as my personal doctor(@[Cadaver]) you geek, you have a female person checking you up ... and you remember what keyboard her pc has :D [Cadaver]
#45 (17:52:54) (+CU_FearME) hoi Mr Bon and Miss Ash [BONFIRE]
#46 talking about azers mom ... (@azer) she is shit hot tbh [20:06:12] * azer has left #capturestrikorz [BONFIRE]
#47 (23:40:09) (@[FireFly]) i was not frustrated!; (23:40:32) (@[FireFly]) but when you start getting owned by ppl with like 4 dmg in 20 mins, its annoying !!! [BONFIRE]
#48 (16:31:43) (@PrettyCow) damned i sound stupid lol [BONFIRE]
#49 [FireFly] "put my name back on active" -last seen 4 months 16 days ago [BONFIRE]
#50 (21:20:05) (@[Cadaver]) I can't come bonfire ... [BONFIRE]Q3A
#51 (20:38:18) (@[Cadaver]) turns out that my hand writing is so bad that I can't see the difference between an "t-7" and "d-p" and "m-n" [BONFIRE]
#52 (@MadMac) best painkiller is dutch :P [Cadaver]
#53 (22:22:48) (@[Cadaver]) I did, I watched titanic [BONFIRE]
#54 (+funnyb) we lost to rof, remember [BONFIRE]
#55 (@[BONFIRE]) fat guy gets raped by bear(@[Cadaver]) k, what, fat guy + bear = sex ... THAT GOES *NOT* within in my mind as 'good' NO WAY [Cadaver]
#56 (23:27:38) • @PrettyCow is disapointing [BONFIRE]
#57 [23:24:54] <_9mmNL_> im more special than anyone! [23:25:05] <[Cadaver]> yeah, special as in the special olympics ... MadMac
#58 (+ud-pitZor) dutch people are ownors [Cadaver]
#60 ( @[BON]anime ) ur going bald ash :/ ( @ashley[mp] ) no shit ( @[BON]anime ) ;( < additional by ash: Im only 20 :/ > ashley[mp]
#61 (18:46:34) (@[Cadaver]) he's got a small dick afterall too ... (18:47:01) (@[BON]anime) not compared to the one id have if i wud be doing that :/ [Cadaver]
#62 (@[BONFIRE]) Zouuu is male (@ashley[mp]) =[ • @[Cad]anime sees ashleys dick shrinking (@ashley[mp]) idd [Cad]anime
#63 [14:17:56] <[BONFIRE]> bleh [14:18:05] <[BONFIRE]> i hate cleaning my toilet [14:18:08] [BONFIRE]> cause everytime [14:18:09] <[BONFIRE]> im done [14:18:16] <[BONFIRE]> i feel like taking a shit :/ MadMac
#64 (@uruk) ! (@[Cadaver]) there is some activity on irc afterall at 1am :) (@uruk) yea like my first irc activity in... 1-2 months lol [Cadaver]
#65 (@MadMac) I wanted to say: L aint lu [Cadaver]
#66 (@_9mmNL_) lol just woke up and had dream about irc...someone asked if anyone was awake and i woke up [Cadaver]
#67 @[BONFIRE] paints Cadaver's hair blond (@[BONFIRE]) i dont do hair cad Cadaver
#68 [11:37:47] <leto`ekuL> "shut up sonic is cool" MadMac
#69 [16:00:03] <neve> [BONFIRE] got pwn by neve on wcp14 MadMac_
#70 (@[BONFIRE]) After french beef, val is the best french thing i know :) (@PrettyCow) but what about french kiss ?! [Cadaver]
#71 (@[BONFIRE]) send me ur ascii q3 cfg, (@ashley[mp]) ?, (@[BONFIRE]) the stuff with, (@[BONFIRE]) bonfire, (@[BONFIRE]) h4x, (@[BONFIRE]) etc, (@ashley[mp]) no, (@[BONFIRE]) yes, (@ashley[mp]) why??, (@[BONFIRE]) cause my stars are ugly, (@ashley[mp]) haha, (@ashley[mp]) too noob to work it out for yourself?, (@[BONFIRE]) yep, (@[BONFIRE]) thats why i need u to send me ashley[mp]
#72 (13:37:00) (@[BON]afk) IT IS NOW 1337 O'CLOCK!!! (dk) [Cadaver]
#73 (15:07:12) • @[Cadaver] is playing with fire ;); (15:07:12) —› quit: ([Cadaver]) [BONFIRE]
#74 (+edRush) banned from xs4all sonic is [Cadaver]
#75 (00:09:41) (@PrettyCow) I go tit now [BONFIRE]
#76 [19:06:23] <ashley[mp]> if i die in an evil place..... [19:06:29] <ashley[mp]> move me somewhere nice [19:06:29] <[BONFIRE]> move me somewhere nice MadMac
#77 (22:41:43) (+leto`ekuL) also i read alot of girly mags ;) [BONFIRE]
#78 (@MadMac) Im officially gay [Cadaver]
#79 [20:11:40] <Quar-Toth> Thanks for the @ • <---- only thing he says, so added MadMac
#80 (23:18:40) (@PrettyCow) bon ftw !! [BONFIRE]
#81 [22:32:39] <[Cadaver]> I have spent 2 hours playing patiance :D [22:33:32] <[Cadaver]> at least I got paid doing that :D MadMac
#82 (@[BONFIRE]) FUCK OFF ITS HOT(@[BONFIRE]) been like 20 degrees for days now [Cadaver]
#83 (@[BONFIRE]) like dildoes (@[BONFIRE]) my mum does :7 (@[BONFIRE]) found her case with all her toys in by accident :// (@[BONFIRE]) "i wonder whats in that hidden case behind the closet" (@[BONFIRE]) "o fuck no, ;'<" [Cadaver]
#84 (@[Cad]movie) ow well, back to gayness ... parents are out of the room ashley[mp]
#85 (@MadMac_) even the italian soccer league is less corrupt [Cad]q3
#86 (+[dawg]) what is an orgasm? [Cadaver]
#87 [11:36:56] <[BONFIRE]> leto`ekuL, your ping is 95.577 secs. MadMac
#88 (@[BONFIRE]) i can take u cold (@[BONFIRE]) has no influence on my perfomance ;) (@Cadaver) ^^ is used to do it on 'cold' people :x (@[BONFIRE]) fu (@[BONFIRE]) im used to it :p Cadaver
#89 (@PrettyCow) girls r just most of the time stupid ... and think abotu things completly stupid that u can't even figure out [Cadaver]
#90 (@Koy) 200.000 people on quakenet and the name milf is available... how surprising [Cadaver]
#91 (+zozoR) porn (@[Cadaver]) Konichiwa ecchi-san(+zozoR) :D have i waited for that the whole day (@[BONFIRE]Q3A) loser [Cadaver]
#93 (@PrettyCow) i am not ashamed beeing a woman(@[BONFIRE]) neither am i [Cadaver]
#94 (+zozoR) nope, i was wrong :) [Cadaver]
#95 (22:40:51) (+Aliencat) I suck then [BONFIRE]
#96 (@[BONFIRE]) rofl, i just fell asleep while brushing my teeth, going to bed now xDD (@[BONFIRE]) floor hurt a bit :/ [Cadaver]
#97 (@[Cadaver]) do you only have gay links in your bookmarks? (+zozoR) nope, those i just the stuff i remember [Cadaver]
#98 (14:51:12) (@[Cadaver]) okey, its obvious that I left the pc on yesterday (when I went to bed) when my brothers friends were drinking in this house ...; (14:51:45) (@[Cadaver]) pr0n is gone :( and the background was misty blowing pikachu :( [BONFIRE]
#99 (+[dawg]) im stupid [Cadaver]
#100 (00:31:23) • @[Cadaver] plays dead [BONFIRE]
#101 (@[Cadaver]) idiot (+zozoR) no shit (+zozoR) dont tell me things i already know >_> [Cadaver]
#102 (+cixx`) just installing osp :) (+cixx`) so i can go play some ra3 [Cadaver]
#103 PrettyCow: but i am not able to cook properly [BONFIRE]
#104 [18:00:34] <zozoR> is it fun playing with yourself? MadMac_
#105 (17:30:52) (@[Cad]baby-sitti) ow yeah bon, today i saw my class (needed to take pictures for school) everyone is 16/17 besides me (cad is 22 when class starts) [BONFIRE]
#106 <+[dawg]> whats dk? [Cad]food
#107 <zozoR> i cant msg you -- cant spell your name [Cadaver]
#109 <+zozoR> its boring playing with yourself 'T_T [Cadaver]
#110 (19:40:15) (@[Cadaver]) I am soo happy that my mom who is standing behind me isn't able to speak english [BONFIRE]
#111 [17:58:48] <|Crucio|> i'm not stupid i'm just big boned MadMac
#112 <+zozoR> i believe that [benj] should get a life :D [Cadaver]
#113 (21:44:47) (@[Cadaver]) females fuck whoever they want, males fuck who ever they are allowed with :( [BONFIRE]
#114 <+zozoR> i want to be named Adolf Hitler Cadaver
#115 <+zozoR> [BONFIRE]: ermm, Qtracker crasher når jeg prøver at joine en server? * +zozoR stabs [Cadaver] in the face <@[Cadaver]> fuckface, you know that I don´t speak abracadabra [Cadaver]
#116 (14:50:29) (+zozoR) just realized that cock and anal uses the same buttons to write on my cellphone ashley[mp]
#117 (@[Cadaver]) (+zozoR) a japanese saying says: "Idiots cant catch colds" <<-- I don't see a problem with that (+zozoR) [Cadaver]: i dont like sayings that call me an idiot tbh [Cadaver]
#118 (19:33:22) (+zozoR) you even spelled it right [BONFIRE]
#119 (+zozoR) because denmark is full of bitches and emos [Cadaver]
#120 (23:13:02) —› join: ([dawg]); (23:14:16) (@[Cadaver]) :D; (23:14:45) (@[Cadaver]) [dawg]: before you get the wrong idea, that smiley was typed for something unrelated with your join [BONFIRE]
#121 (00:47:59) (@[BONFIRE]) I was kicked for camping on xs4all [BONFIRE]
#122 [email protected] thinks its obviously that zozor is a virgin (+zozoR) well duh Cadaver
#123 (@[benj]) a whoooooooooooole week of no work :D (@[BONFIRE]) so ull be playing trivia for a week? [Cadaver]
#124 (@[BONFIRE]) going for mac now (@[BONFIRE]) to luke (@[BONFIRE]) to yuri(@[BONFIRE]) back to luke (@[BONFIRE]) to mac again (@[BONFIRE]) to inf <<-- bugs on your screen are fun :D ... if you are really bored ... :( [Cadaver]
#125 —› nick: (neve`afk) is now known as (neve[aw]) (@[BONFIRE])wow, was that pointless namechange or what [Cadaver]
#127 (+zozoR) well, i suppose you dont understand english [Cadaver]
#128 (@_9mmNL_lptp) im googling if u dont mind :X [Cadaver]
#129 (19:17:59) (@[BONFIRE]) is there actually something weird u dont like? :p; (19:19:14) (@[Cadaver]) the weirdness I dislike is r&b + hiphop [BONFIRE]
#130 (12:55:30) (@Panic`) Panic the top loser who sits on his pc 24/7 with no life and stays up al night doing, a.l.l ! [BONFIRE]
#131 (15:29:34) (@[BONFIRE]) i love vals letters, they make me in so much better mood <3 ;D [BONFIRE]
#132 [18:35:49] <[BONFIRE]> Here's a hint, the last character in the answer is: d [18:36:04] <[BONFIRE]> Here's a hint, ki_ [18:36:08] <[BONFIRE]> kit MadMac
#133 (pingu) im very gay-friendly (Malty) remove the friendly part [Cadaver]
#134 (12:13:24) (@MadMac) I was just wondering, if I would die irl, would sonic come over to put a smiley on my grave stone? [BONFIRE]
#135 (22:24:00) (@MadMac) its all bout penis [BONFIRE]
#136 (22:25:57) (@PrettyCow) !quote random [BONFIRE]
#137 (@[Cadaver]) how I imagine pretty ... as a 40 year old bold/fat guy with a voice mask on :p (@PrettyCow) roflu r such a bastard Alex (@PrettyCow) I am 38 ffs ! [Cadaver]
#138 Talking about lightyears ... (+zozoR) its a year where you live half of the year on the northpole, and the other on the southpole [Cadaver]
#139 (18:41:56) (@[benj]) how do you show/hide hidden files in windows xp? [BONFIRE]
#140 (22:43:52) (+strobe`pears) ekul = luke but backwards [BONFIRE]
#141 (17:57:10) (@[Cadaver]) and I have learned to read the manual TO THE LETTER when trying to cook; (17:57:26) (@[Cadaver]) when it says "20 mins in oven" it doesn't mean "20 mins in microwave" [BONFIRE]
#142 (18:34:11) (@[benj]) sucks2bbenj; (18:34:24) —› quit: ([benj]) [BONFIRE]
#143 (23:27:31) (@PrettyCow) what is semen bon ? [BONFIRE]
#144 (23:45:53) (@PrettyCow) I never deny anything !!!! [BONFIRE]
#145 (18:22:01) (+z`resqu) Or send a girlie friends a text saying "I know your secret".; (18:23:28) (+z`resqu) got 2 back saying "Which 1" and "When did you find out I am bi?" [BONFIRE]
#146 (10:54:49) —› join: ([benj]); (10:54:52) (@MadMac) crap; (10:54:53) (@[BONFIRE]) o noes; (10:54:56) (@[BONFIRE]) !strivia; (10:54:56) (@MadMac) !strivia [BONFIRE]
#147 (22:39:14) (@PrettyCow) I am stupid but proud of it btw Bon ... so .. my rank suit me well ! [BONFIRE]
#148 [20:22:27] <ashley[mp]> IM SO GAY AND LONELY MadMac
#149 (@_9mmNL_) i sold my cisco 837 router : (@_9mmNL_) useless isdn thing :P : (@_9mmNL_) hi2u 60 euros : (@MadMac) ah so now u finally can pay my mum : COMMENT Joeri didn't know that we knew about that... ashley[mp]
#150 (21:02:16) (+Aliencat) It's like giving birth; (21:02:18) (+Aliencat) But up the wall; (21:02:22) (@[BONFIRE]) and its shit; (21:02:24) (@[BONFIRE]) not babies; (21:02:30) (+Aliencat) Depends on what you ate [BONFIRE]
#151 (22:34:37) (@[BONFIRE]) 1337 > 1984 [BONFIRE]
#152 [FireFly] "im not fat nor am i male ;/" [BONFIRE]
#153 (@[BONFIRE]) a slightly bigger penis (@[BONFIRE]) when errected that is ;p (@[BONFIRE]) i cant wank :\ [Cadaver]
#154 (13:58:13) (@[Cadaver]) (16:24:43) (@[BONFIRE]) IT IS NOW 1337 O'CLOCK!!! (dk) <<-- I think my clock is a bit off [BONFIRE]
#155 (@[BONFIRE]) Winner: Stupid ---> |0wn4g3| Answer: rocky and bullwinkle [Cadaver]
#156 (+zozoR) lol, just thought i destroyed my soundports or my speakers .. but i just hit the mute button on my keyboard .. [Cadaver]
#158 [Cadaver]    )  [BONFIRE]: at least go play some safer sports ... like free fighting ( I never got injured) ashley[mp]
#159 #157: (17:33:31) (@[Cadaver]) I SUSPECT I WILL BE FOUND GUILTY OF FIRST DEGREE DICKLICKING ashley[mp]
#160 (@[BONFIRE]) more like im the lady [Cadaver]
#161 (@ashley[mp]) it was my birthday yesterday (@ashley[mp]) guess i missed it [Cadaver]
#162 (18:30:04) (@DerWirt) [BONFIRE] is rich with $13337 and has no suicides yet! [BONFIRE]
#163 - talking about bons reason for not beeing online for 3 days - (+leto`ekuL) he could be dead (+Aliencat) Or maybe he finally found the door to the outside world :o And can't find his way back in (@neve) ok then hes still wanking [Cadaver]
#164 (Moo-Chan) hey if korea gets its war on does that mean no more mmoprgs? D: [Cadaver]
#165 (23:25:40) (+strobelight) goddamn i'm too noob [BONFIRE]
#166 (01:55:23) (@Sisfis) q3w1 is a good map [BONFIRE]
#167 [12:12:45] <nova{> i wanna restart my life from 1998 [12:12:57] <nova{> and play q3 24/7 MadMac
#168 (01:33:37) (@PrettyCow) what's weener ? [BONFIRE]
#169 (17:54:50) (@[BONFIRE]) [Cad]work [BONFIRE]
#170 (20:20:16) (@ashley[mp]) and shes an ideot [BON]afk
#171 [21:29:26] <PrettyCow> jolt... is piece of shit MadMac
#172 [23:55:58] <^martyr> c'mon bon i hardly play this game anymore just wanna have some fun i cba about whining :) more mature now when it comes to gaming (wich i hardly ever do) .... [00:04:15] <^martyr> dude [00:04:49] <^martyr> u scared of me? [00:17:15] <^martyr> childish i bet u guys -16yrs MadMac
#173 [23:54:44] <^martyr> i'd like to know the pw from the cs server so i can play on it :) [00:01:20] <[BONFIRE]> sp4u [00:01:29] <^martyr> thx :)[00:02:08] <^martyr> erm [00:03:17] <^martyr> c'mon this aint funny anymore bon MadMac
#174 (00:02:54) (@Zamurai|q4) fastert caps on ctfs made by me jakz and some one else [BONFIRE]
#175 (22:56:17) • @[FireFly] pokes poohead lots [BONFIRE]
#176 <[BONFIRE]> You're on fire! Aliencat
#177 [00:21:23] <PrettyCow> nn all [00:21:26] <Aliencat> nn val [00:21:26] <MadMac> nn val [00:21:26] <[BONFIRE]> nn val MadMac
#178 [00:38:53] <[BONFIRE]> she has strapon [00:39:30] <[BONFIRE]> mac <- lu <- BON MadMac
#179 (00:35:44) (@[FireFly]) nn n--bd; (00:35:51) (@[FireFly]) n00bs.. [BONFIRE]
#180 <Aliencat> Haha I woke up at 13:37 lol; <Aliencat> I'm turning into bon :( Aliencat
#181 (@ashley[ftw])     ____ (@ashley[ftw]) |   | (@ashley[ftw]) |___|___ (@ashley[ftw])     |   | (@ashley[ftw])  ___|   | Cadaver
#182 Valérie: i love gay dolls! [BONFIRE]
#183 <[Cadaver]> I think ... can't recall how to write moms name :x (damn absinth) Aliencat
#184 (13:36:00) (@[BONFIRE]) IT IS NOW 1337 O'CLOCK!!! (dk) (@_9mmNL_lptp) [13:36:03] <[BONFIRE]> IT IS NOW 1337 O'CLOCK!!! (dk) (@_9mmNL_lptp) denmark is +1 minute Cadaver
#185 (16:30:22) (@[Cadaver]) why should it rain when I have my towels hanging outside to dry :(; (16:30:34) (@[Cadaver]) especially when I have the music too loud to hear the rain :( [BONFIRE]
#186 (@[BONFIRE]) omgomgomg i did 3 pushups ;D (@[BONFIRE]) brb gonna get painkillers [Cadaver
#187 (@[Cadaver]) (@[Cadaver]) Aliencat: for you there is NO need to click it ;) (+Aliencat) I won't click it .............. (+Aliencat) I clicked it :( damnit (@[Cadaver]) I told you not to click it! (@[BONFIRE]) you didnt knew what goatse was? (+Aliencat) I wish I still didn't know [Cadaver]
#188 (19:37:54) (@[Cadaver]) I live with myself for 22 years ... trust me, thats horrible! [BONFIRE]
#189 <[Cad]afk> don't put the save and load button next to each other; <[Cad]afk> its fucking annoying to redo half the game because you died and saved instead of loading Aliencat
#190 (@[BONFIRE]) weirdo :< (@[BONFIRE]) every normal child has had the who can eat most sand in shortest time - contest [Cadaver]
#191 (19:09:54) (@[BONFIRE]) cad = problem child; (19:10:04) (@[Cadaver]) no shit; (19:10:20) • @[Cadaver] gives bonfire the 'clue price' [BONFIRE]
#192 <[BONFIRE]> im right beneath dino Aliencat
#193 (23:06:55) —› nick: (de-joa) is now known as (de-joa|zzz) [BONFIRE]
#194 (00:22:52) (+cad|fucked) ALEX : English unisex nickname for Alexandra ... names beginning with Alex-, meaning "defender,; (00:23:01) (+cad|fucked) I defend the unisex names ... :( [BONFIRE]
#195 (@claimor) lol its a girly pain (@claimor) proper wanna cry Cadaver
#196 (23:41:35) (@Cadaver) bah, I am off, have to work from 9-18 and 20-7 -_- so I try to get my sleep (but leave pc on because I want to see this convo :D; (23:41:41) —› nick: (Cadaver) is now known as ([Cadaver]afk); (23:41:49) —› quit: ([Cadaver]afk); (23:42:31) —› join: (Cadaver); (23:43:00) —› nick: (Cadaver) is now known as ([cadaver]afk); (23:43:06) (@[cadaver]afk) wrong button -_- [BONFIRE]
#197 (@BAURO) drug knowledge gets me 100 points :D Cadaver
#198 <[BONFIRE]> mum ran around with me hanging out for a half year Aliencat
#199 <bladetf> whats nvm Aliencat
#200 (17:53:19) (@[BONFIRE]) think i need a game optimizer for my trojan tetris; (17:53:55) (@ashley[mp]) idd; (17:54:05) (@ashley[mp]) get trojans 50% faster [BONFIRE]
#201 (@[BONFIRE]) cad up for a game? (@[Cadaver]) yeah, but for somereason it won't connect (@[BONFIRE]) cause server is down [Cadaver]
#202 (@[BONFIRE]) might get some action in this sausage party [Cadaver]
#203 (18:01:03) (@BAURO) i wanna see him in his black spidey suit [BONFIRE]
#204 (@[BONFIRE]) denmark has world record in testiclecancer [Cadaver]
#205 (13:09) @ [BONFIRE] puts on his mariohat, gets the fire flower and throws some fireballs at N1ghtfly •••••• (13:10) N1ghtfly has quit (Ping timeout) ashley[mp]
#206 <[Cadaver]> mom can't have babies anymore because I kind of destroyed some certain body parts Aliencat
#207 wh1t3 - ur an it tech who considers himself leet cuz he got something to boot -wh1t3 - u have low standards [Cadaver]
#208 <Aliencat> I ate sushi in between drinking and now I dthrew up so hard the insied of my nose smells like dim sum Aliencat
#209 [22:48:11] <[BONFIRE]> k [22:48:15] <[BONFIRE]> i need tf rape now [22:48:21] <[BONFIRE]> too calm down MadMac
#210 [00:14:11] <MadMac> [00:14:20] <Aliencat> 404 mac :P [00:14:25] <MadMac> that many MadMac
#211 <MadMac> im gonna do a bonfire; <ashley[mp]> noob?; <MadMac> quote myslef Aliencat
#212 [06:57:34] <ashley[mp]> MadMac
#213 [21:45:01] <wh1t3> <<ass MadMac
#214 <Aliencat> haha siamese twin porn; <Aliencat> They can get more cocks inserted at a time than a 'normal' girl Aliencat
#215 <MadMac> <MadMac> whot a freak bit skinny :p <[BONFIRE]> wank time MadMac
#216 (+Aliencat) damn I'm adopting an American IQ :( [Cadaver]
#217 (17:06) + edRush: kick: (ashley[ftw]) was kicked by (``Viperin``) (You are on #Christian WE Don't accept this!) ashley[ftw]
#218 (@[BONFIRE]) what did u do now ash :\ .::. (@ashley[ftw]) i was taking the piss out of religions ashley[ftw]
#219 (19:37:04) (@[Cadaver]) I don't care if I suck, as long as I get to my goal [BONFIRE]
#220 (@[BONFIRE]) some ppl dont realize a laptop is not for moving around (@[BONFIRE]) its for having constant turned on (@[BONFIRE]) cause it uses less power [Cadaver]
#221 (@ashley[mp]) [BONFIRE] (@ashley[mp]) you should go with gay ) (@[BONFIRE]) hi ash (@[BONFIRE]) would u go with me :D [Cadaver]
#222 <bauro> !8ball will [cs] win the jolt ctfs league? <[BONFIRE]> —› the (8-Ball)'s answer to your question (will [cs] win the jolt ctfs league?) is: "As I see it, yes." bauro
#223 (20:23:56) (@alexandria) I mean, the girls from my class call me alexandria allready :(; (20:24:11) (@[BONFIRE]) n1 cad making friends [BONFIRE]
#224 (20:30:20) (@Orriens) I win in a loose competition :D [BONFIRE]
#225 (@macgaywer) why doesn't it surprise me that this nick is availeble Orriens
#226 (19:35) Orriens is now known as Iamgay (19:35) @ Iamgay: :o ashley[mp]
#227 (@ashley[mp]) why doesn't anyone ever edit my pictures :/ (19:35:55) (@[Cadaver]) because you look gay by yourself (19:35:55) (@[BONFIRE]) cause they are gay enough [Cadaver]
#228 3. The Kama Sutra was written by Mallanga Vatsyayana, who was rumored to be __________. (@[BONFIRE]) homosexual (@bauro) metrosexual [Cadaver]
#229 (@bauro) i don't want you to die :( (@[BONFIRE]) which is not good [Cadaver]
#230 (@ashley[mp]) im gay [Cadaver]
#231 (14:52:37) (@bauro) my bro took his gf to new york for valentines; (14:52:45) (+Aliencat) ok I took mine to DC; (14:52:50) (+Aliencat) but we kinda live there anyway [BONFIRE]
#232 (@[BONFIRE]) think i broke world record in crashing on bike on 2km (@[BONFIRE]) at least 15 times [Cadaver]
#233 (+zozoR) :D (+zozoR) does that make me retarded? [Cadaver]
#234 —› quit: (zozoR) ([email protected]) (Signed off) (@PrettyCow) how surprising .. he left when the topic rolls on his virginity ... Orriens
#235 <PrettyCow> owned ben bauro
#236 <[BON]afk> 9. The worlds oldest ______ was found in Pakistan and is of pre-Hindu origin dating back to 4000BC.;<PussInBoots> dildo;<Aliencat> dildo;<[BON]afk> Winner: Trainee PussInBoots Answer: dildo Time: 9.203 Streak: 1 Points: 79 WPM: 6 Rank: 1st;<MadMac> dildo Aliencat
#237 "E1M5: cos i own u thats y u h8 me" [BONFIRE]
#238 (17:16:43) (+Aliencat) Sonic = too cool for skool [BONFIRE]
#239 (13:12:31) (+zozoR) men den virker nu ok.. bortset fra at der er vista << it works ok, except its vista [BONFIRE]
#240 * [BON]work bows before bauro a trivia god... bauro
#241 (19:23:43) (@ashley[mp]) so my mother is ordering me not to go into work tomorrow; (19:29:32) (@[BONFIRE]) will you still get paid?; (19:29:54) (@ashley[mp]) yes because im ignoring her [BONFIRE]
#242 <zozoR> wtf you guys talking about ? <PrettyCow> about ur hot body zozoR bauro
#243 <PrettyCow> I WANT A DICK ! <bauro> ! bauro
#244 (18:49:25) (@ashley[ftw]) i wish i was french; (18:49:30) (@ashley[ftw]) then i could moan non-stop [BONFIRE]
#245 <[BONFIRE]> Here's a hint, su Aliencat
#246 <bauro> iiiiii wanna sex you up ! bauro
#247 (19:11:48) (+marzy) i watched it all like an idiot [BONFIRE]
#248 <bauro> @łe¶ŧ←↓→øþłĸjħŋđðßæ«»¢“”nµ]}[¾{€½{¾²¾¹ΩØŁÞJØJEĦE®®ĦŦÆ↑Þ'ÞØJNJ<N⅛¼™⅛¥®⅛¡J©Nº©N>׺×<ºN>©ÞØ£Ħ¿¼™ bauro
#249 [19:17:44] <[BONFIRE]> soonish 6 months since i got opperated :o [19:17:53] <ashley[mp]> addopted? ashley[mp]
#250 (20:32:40) (+funnyb) vibrator + dip = sailboats? [BONFIRE]
#251 (13:44) @ ashley[ftw]: bon is a fag ashley[ftw]
#252 <bauro> what browser bon? <[BONFIRE]> ie <bauro> :| <Aliencat> :/ <bauro> newb <Aliencat> yeh <Aliencat> tbh bauro
#253 (15:01) @ ashley[ftw]: !8ball is bon a fag? (15:01) @ [BON]afk: —› the (8-Ball)'s answer to your question (is bon a fag?) is: "Most likely." ashley[ftw]
#254 <[Cadaver]> are you sure that she is the only one with psychos? <zozoR> im too bauro
#255 (+zozoR) zozoR is gay [Cadaver]
#257 (@[BONFIRE]) shopkeeper was like (@[BONFIRE]) wow ur defo not gonna go out this weekend huh [Cadaver]
#258 (18:02:09) (@nova{) you supid fuck :> [BONFIRE]
#259 (18:48:43) (funnyb) ctfs = life [BONFIRE]
#260 Which bit of the body was called 'the expressive button' by the Victorians? (+shadowq3) belly button Here's a hint, scrambled: irloistc, Here's a hint, Cli_____ (+shadowq3) clinton Here's a hint, Clito___ (+shadowq3) Clitorsi Time's up! The answer was: Clitoris —› quit: (shadowq3) (Signed off) [Cadaver]
#261 (17:07:15) (+Aliencat) I don't even care, was just wondering [BONFIRE]
#262 [cs]Cadaver: no idea, usually I swallow MadMac_
#263 [08:30:12] <[BONFIRE]> i think youghurt hates me [08:30:18] <[BONFIRE]> everytime i eat it [08:30:25] <[BONFIRE]> i manage to drop it in my crotch [08:30:35] <[BONFIRE]> looking like ive ejaculated all over my pants ;\ MadMac
#264 <[BONFIRE]> ive seen him try to rush right into me; <[BONFIRE]> and die everytime :D; <apx> hah plz; <apx> that is spawn luck then Aliencat
#265 MadMac
#266 (20:38:53) (+[Q3]Shadow) im gonna have a bind to connect; (20:39:22) (+MadMacci33) thats like having a bind for pooing: (20:39:40) (+MadMacci33) gives mess if u press it and totally useless [BONFIRE]
#267 <MadMac> min mor har en pik Asherle
#268 (+bauro) i have a date with a man on thursday :D [Cadaver]
#270 (@ashley[mp]) and wheres my gay name gone... thats lame —› nick: (ashley[mp]) is now known as (Asherlie) [Cadaver]
#272 (+zozoR) my ex which suffered from borderline personality disorder, maniodepression and secondary psychopath :D (+zozoR) there (@[Cadaver]) zozor, your friens are also your family? (+zozoR) i dont see my family as friends (@[Cadaver]) so you actually volunteered to be surrounded with official crazy people (+zozoR) yes [Cadaver]
#275 (@_9mmNL_) [21:54:02] -|0wn4g3|- You need to have the 'Friend' level (or higher) to be able to add quotes. (@_9mmNL_) im not a friend :'( [Cadaver]
#276 (01:02:01) (@[FireFly]) i cba to watch film [BONFIRE]
#278 (+[benj]) bon why must you paste the most disgusting links on the internet? i swear you've scarred me for life now :/ (+Aliencat) I see I came in just at the right time (+Aliencat) I missed the link :D [Cadaver]
#279 [14:43:09] <ashley[mp]> brb helping hitler _9mmNL_
#280 <[email protected]> alcohol ftw! [Cadaver]
#281 (10:29:35) (@_9mmNL_) time to see my mom naked brb. [BONFIRE]
#282 [22:54:48] <MadMac> we aint tf so cut that nigger shit _9mmNL_
#283 (23:05:24) (@[Cadaver]) I really don't see milk shitting robts saving the earths [BONFIRE]
#284 @\ashley: !stats [BON]afk @[BON]afk: No such user exists. [Cadaver]
#285 (17:59:26) (@\ashley) turn the spam thing off; (17:59:32) (@\ashley) i need to express anger; (17:59:39) (@\ashley) through spam [BONFIRE]
#286 (18:13:55) (@benj) idot; (18:13:58) (@benj) +i [BONFIRE]
#287 <@benj> pb is so shit!! %£$^£(""£^)% benj
#288 [21:54:36] <mAqq> do you know the adress of xs4all? [21:55:28] <[Cadaver]> kalverstraat 38, 1597 CA Amsterdam, NL [21:55:46] <[Cadaver]> do you send them a postcard? MadMac
#289 [17:34:01] <[BON]afk> You already guessed 14 times. [17:34:03] <[BON]afk> You already guessed 11 times. [17:34:05] <[BON]afk> You already guessed 15 times. _9mmNL_
#290 @eve``: wanna borrow my 2000 year old dildo? @[Cadaver]: do you want it back after I had it full in my arse? [Cadaver]
#291 @[BONFIRE]: im a real prick \ashley
#292 [15:38:38] <@eve``> i have been going dance classes since i was 3. i have world champion ass. ur welcome to look :D benj
#293 [15:45:40] <@[BONFIRE]> im special :) benj
#295 [16:21:17] <@eve``> parents dont have tits or sex benj
#296 [20:24:36] <eve``> how i get @L to my #barbie chan? MadMac
#297 (14:20:00) • @[Cadaver] could use help [BONFIRE]
#298 @eve``: what chan is this? @MadMac: well u are in a chan with people who have a very weird real life and people with no real life [Cadaver]
#300 @eve: i like this witty wordplay :)@[Cadaver] sings along "So when they try to amputate Your legs you'd better Run and fetch the chemist" @[Cadaver]: and these lyrics don't scare you? :o @[Cadaver] sings along "Ladies are like children With brains the size of squirrels" @eve: *cough* [Cadaver]
#301 @[BONFIRE]: rails are spam [Cadaver]
#302 [16:34:53] <[Cadaver]> how can you rape someone over irc :s [16:35:02] * [BONFIRE] rapes [Cadaver] _9mmNL_
#303 [13:51:06] <@benj> denmark is crap. benj
#304 @[Cadaver]: such movies shoudn't be on youporn ... it destroys your mood @MadMac: depends on what mood u have @[Cadaver]: ... @MadMac: did I just outfreak cad? @MadMac: woohoo! [Cadaver]
#305 [10:26:12] <@eve> this fucking world is filled with cynicism and stupidity and rude morons :( benj
#306 [11:45:45] <eve> santa has brought me 14 barbies [11:45:54] <eve> made in china by mattel [11:46:02] <MadMac> with his barbie sperm _9mmNL_
#307 [19:03:53] <eve> now how i clear everybody's screen? [19:04:02] <eve> before they see the stupid thing? _9mmNL_
#308 [12:29:36] <@eve> how u know someone's code who is off? [12:31:07] * eve sets mode: +b *[email protected] [12:31:08] * eve was kicked by |0wn4g3| (Banned) benji
#310 @[BONFIRE]: i dont care anymore @[BONFIRE]: ive tried to keep it in order in here @[BONFIRE]: for 4 years             [BONFIRE] leaves #capturestrikorz [Cadaver]
#311 <[BONFIRE]> 'wow im getting a 128.90 euro handjob' eve
#312 @eve`: been eating cat shit with my mouth :/ [Cadaver]
#314 [14:38:58] <[BONFIRE]> i am a genius _9mmNL_
#315 (17:45:49) (@benj) at home i have massive one; (17:45:55) (@benj) same as bon's but smaller :p [BONFIRE]
#316 <_9mmNL_> can nonbasic forestland fight? eve
#317 <[Cadaver]> side effect is that I may get 'not depressed'... eve
#318 [14:38] <[BONFIRE]> IT IS NOW 1337 O'CLOCK!!! (dk) eve
#319 (18:29:10) (@[Cadaver]) I like that pussy Regroup`D-Jay
#320 [19:39:29] <ekul> I AM A PEDO [19:37:51] <ekul> i love 10 year olds _9mmNL_
#321 <[BONFIRE]> i got my drivers license thx to cpm MadMac
#322 (21:27:48) —› quit: (te4m-jakz) ([email protected]) (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 13173284))) Regroup`D`Jay
#323 @[BONFIRE]: gonna go | @\ashley: ? | @[BONFIRE]: bb in a couple of hours :\ | @\ashley: stop | @\ashley: wanking time? | @[BONFIRE]: familything. | @\ashley: INCEST! | \ashley
#325 <[Cadaver]> 2 guys would like to go to the pub and drink beer, but they are pretty much broke <[Cadaver]> wrong chan :/ eve`
#327 @[BONFIRE]: :D @[Cadaver]: @[BONFIRE]: i like the fact u end up with losing @[Cadaver]: are you telling me that you are the idiot? @[BONFIRE]: i refer to my quote again :D @MadMac: bons gets outsmarted by cad :S [Cadaver]
#328 <[BONFIRE]> franchement j'aime des biscuits eve
#329 [16:28] <@MadMac> I dont wanna sound queer or anything, but you got a nice penis bon [BONFIRE]
#330 [14:56:28] <ekuL> LOL i started picking my nose... and thought they might hear me :s... LOL wtf i have lost it [BONFIRE]
#331 [16:37:27] <@[benj]> nix > osx >>>>>>> windoze [benj]
#332 17:10:11 @[BONFIRE]: Here's a hint, 15 | +MadMac: 15 | @[BONFIRE]: You already guessed 9 times. | +MadMac: fu | +MadMac: !strivia | @[BONFIRE]: Stopping the trivia. | @eve`: ragequit | 17:19:22 MadMac has quit IRC (Ping timeout) \ashley
#333 <\ashley> turk <\ashley> i love you [Cadaver]
#334 +edrush: bon u suck :D [Cadaver]
#335 [17:08:40] <edRush> i want to ride a pony _9mmNL_
#336 <@[BONFIRE]> a lovely weather it is outside today ^^ <@\ashley> you've been outside... <@\ashley> weirdo benj
#337 <@_9mmNL_work> im not a fkin anime character benj
#338 [15:12:50] <@[BON]work> —› the (8-Ball)'s answer to your question (does bon love cock?) is: "Without a doubt." benj
#339 [22:08:30] <[Cadaver]> shemale porn is like regular porn but then with more tits MadMac
#340 +zozoR: go cad :D [Cadaver]
#341 (16:47:56) (@[benj]) star craft a racing game? [BONFIRE]
#342 [16:27:40] <@[benj]> bon = urolagnia [benj]
#343 22:50 @[BONFIRE] <3 alex [Cadaver]
#345 [14:24:34] <@[BON]work> 1. Useless Facts: A 1991 Gallup survey indicated that 49 percent of Americans didn't kow that white bread is made from? [14:24:49] <@[BON]work> Here's a hint, answer space: _____ [14:25:00] <@benj``> whats the question [14:25:02] <@[BON]work> Winner: Beginner benj`` Answer: wheat Time: 26.067 Streak: 1 Points: 67 WPM: 2 Rank: 8th benj``
#346 bon == bitch benj`
#347 [BONFIRE] i have a pussy \ashley
#348 (20:58:24) (@\ashley) england = rataerded [BONFIRE]
#349 [11:30:55] <_9mmNL_> bladerunner21 [11:31:07] <_9mmNL_> hurr now u know my auth pw MadMac
#350 (14:23:52) (ekul) who is this neve (cs being almost 6 years old :D ) [BONFIRE]
#351 (@[Cadaver]) so, you want to keep your little penis :o (+zozoR) yes :D [Cadaver]
#352 (16:11:44) (@[Cadaver]) FUCK SAKE, note to self, don't try to reïnstall a game before you have checked if you still have the .iso file -_- [BONFIRE]
#353 [Cadaver]: (@bauro) i love pancake day <<-- yeah, its every friday bauro
#354 (18:16:59) (+[Cadaver]) sweet, quakelive runs without a vid card :D ; (18:17:19) (+[Cadaver]) well, I do have 1 frame per 15 secs but still :( [BONFIRE]
#355 (17:44:02) (@[Cadaver]) tried finding my parents online ... failed ... but i did managed to find my grandpa (who died 14years ago) [BONFIRE]
#356 @[BONFIRE] : i dont remember writing myself a txt @[BONFIRE] : saying 'bon you suck' \ashley
#357 dawg: do u know more english than me? [BONFIRE]
#358 (20:45:48) (@[Cadaver]) you're shit typer :) ; (20:46:01) (@[Cadaver]) You're a shit typer. :) ; (20:46:44) (@\ashley) irony is a beautiful thing ; (21:19:49) (@[Cadaver]) indeed [BONFIRE]
#359 [04:54pm] [[Cadaver]] so bauro, what did you learned today? repeat after "don't try to outsmart cadaver" bauro
#360 <@[BONFIRE]> fs 2 hours after game is started <@[BONFIRE]> we got 6 players<@[BONFIRE]> sigh [Cadaver]
#361 [09:07pm] [[Cadaver]] you know your gf is too young for you when you have to make an airoplane noise for her to open her mouth so you can put your cock in it BAURO
#362 <@[BONFIRE]> c:\documents and settings\pictures\londonwithbon <@\ashley> fail [Cadaver]
#363 <@\ashley> the thing in your mouth that is usually used as a punch bag in cartoons [Cadaver]
#364 (23:05:20) (@FrikanDELL) studying sux; (23:05:58) (@[Cadaver]) I knows; (23:06:06) (@[Cadaver]) but you better do it if you don't want to be like me [BONFIRE]
#365 <@\ashley> i don't invade privacy Cad
#366 <+\ashley> the stuff that we usualy refer to as 'sleep' is called "aqueous humor" <+\ashley> as if i find this out on irc opposed to the hundreds of times i've googled for it Cad
#367 [\ashley] saving grace is that i had a short shat with nikki BAURO
#368 [[BONFIRE]] moff to find doctor to look at my head <-- about time! bauro
#369 <+PrettyCow> stop speaking so nerdy for a sec !!!! Cad
#370 (13:56:01) (@D-Jay) i pay $200 a month for fiber connection, finally paying out with irc trivia [BONFIRE]
#371 <@D-Jay> Here's a hint, bauro is a cunt Cad
#372 23:23:16 @[BONFIRE] : i hate ppl : 23:23:18 ò [BONFIRE] is now known as [BON]BNC \ashley
#373 jody "how do I disconnect lol" Cad
#375 [15:05:49] <@bauro> !quote add [bauro] <-- numero uno _9mmNL_remote
#376 [01:46pm] [bauro] bon is the king of stalk bauro
#377 [01:47pm] [[BONFIRE]] i know the ppl youve been in :( bauro
#378 (15:05:29) (+[Cadaver]) darn, this keyboard makes me make more typos then alcoholdoes :o [BONFIRE]
#379 <@[BONFIRE]> rofl, just going through some old logs <@[BONFIRE]> guess what i found :D <@[BONFIRE]> [Cadaver]) also, some people in here (hi bon) log everything ... Cad
#380 <@[BONFIRE]> the ownage bot logs cant go back further than to the date just after eve was last seen on irc <+[Cadaver]> !quote find stupid thing <@|0wn4g3|> Matching Quote #307: [19:03:53] <eve> now how i clear everybody's screen? [19:04:02] <eve> before they see the stupid thing? <+[Cadaver]> I think she found the solution to that Cad
#381 <@bauro> cad is normal imo Cad
#382 (18:42:19) (@Cad) FUCK SAKE; (18:42:38) (@Cad) I go to the toilet, drop my pants and start shitting, then lightbulb quits his job -_- [BONFIRE]
#383 (21:08:08) (+zozoR) child porn jokes are awesome [BONFIRE]
#384 [bauro] irc is work bauro
#385 (19:58:17) (@\ashley) this meal doesn't even need ketchup its so good [BONFIRE]
#386 [05:22pm] [\ashley] one of my backboxes is screwed bauro
#387 13:45:23 @_9mmNL_remote : lol click skills, not found <-about bauro's web portfolio \ashley
#388 <@bauro> read the mother fucking manual for the mother fucking win [Cadaver]
#389 [13:14:38] [[BONFIRE]] yo dawg i heard you like playing trivia, so i put a trivia in a trivia so you can play trivia while you play trivia bauro
#390 <+[cs]bot> Winner: bauro <@bauro> it's just giving me the points now :/ [Cadaver]
#391 [13:30:16] [edRush] so in conclusion \ashley is a cross dresser inside who likes to hear his character get off and sound orgasmic while dying...bon likes to hear a pig being fucked while getting shot at...ben loves a black cock in his mouth...seems im the only normal one here good day gentlemen :)) bauro
#392 when i first started playing quake i thought team frag was pretty cool (c) edrush [BONFIRE]
#393 (13:54:28) (+MadMac) she admitted that the name Esmee from the twilight confirmed her feeling that it is an international name [BONFIRE]
#394 [23:21:26] <@[BONFIRE]> dont trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and not dies _9mmNL_
#395 (00:37:23) (@edRush) so basically i just spent the last ten minutes working out what this extra key on my keyboard was..i pressed it ten times and got a sticky key alert and i thought this did nothing then i checked google images for my keyboard and the key wasnt shown and then i worked out the ct was actually ft and it was my shift key and it was worn out and it was actually my left shift key i feel so stoned :( [BONFIRE]
#396 [16:52:48] [[BONFIRE]] edRush [16:52:51] [[BONFIRE]] go talk with jcb [16:53:06] [[BONFIRE]] ah wait [16:53:08] [[BONFIRE]] hes not even online [16:53:15] [edRush] fail bauro
#397 [16:57:17] [[BONFIRE]] i hate making superlong sentences bauro
#398 [10:10:30] • [BONFIRE] tenderly kisses bauro :* bauro
#399 [10:44:31] [enzyme] i look gooood bauro
#400 <@bauro> !top10 <@[BONFIRE]> [Cadaver] has the best score [Cadaver]
#401 [14:46:12] <@_9mmNL_> lets become gay together, maybe that works out for us bauro
#402 [16:22:57] <@bauro> you're stupid \o/ [16:23:01] <@_9mmNL_> fuck off haha bauro
#403 [Cadaver] I just realised, in 1 year I played this game half my life and I still suc [Cadaver]

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