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  Channel Information
Channel information for #botsunauthorized on QuakeNet
Channel: #botsunauthorized (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^Mary-Kate^
Joined: 2006-08-30 01:38
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 74

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise -autoop -autovoice +badwords
+bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans -enforcebans
-flood +greet +google -hidelogs
+image +infobot -massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote -weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT-5
Onjoin message: New game, check out #bots4
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Warn user on first violation, kick on second violation
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: Bots Unauthorized -

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

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Statistics language: Not localized (English)

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Ender Owner 2023-02-05 04:38
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

 No greetings are added on this channel

ID Quote Added by
#1 [10:42] <Ender-X> i have some income [10:42] <Ender-X> i made $2.89 in september thru google ads haha Arkuden
#2 [12:19] <Ender-X> i want some meat Arkuden
#3 <Ghost_Queen> whos mary kate? <Arkuden> its a bot <Ghost_Queen> yea, but it is a girl or a guy? <Arkuden> its a bot <Ghost_Queen> ok Arkuden
#4 [10:53:11 pm] <@Duranix> CloudNine raises from $200 to $1000000000. Ender-X
#5 [17:29] <kofi> you happy we're off green? [17:29] <Arkuden> sure [17:30] <kofi> TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL [17:32] <Arkuden> when did you become my g/f? Arkuden
#6 [08:27] <Arkuden> talk dirty to me [08:28] <asian> bitch lick it good, lick it harder.. suck my dick.... more choke on it slut.... i said fucking choke on i, oh yea... drink that cum bitch.... Arkuden
#7 [19:48] <Ender-X> how expensive? [19:48] <kofi> 45 for the 2 pills you need [19:49] <Arkuden> wtf [19:49] <Arkuden> 45 for 2 pills [19:49] <Arkuden> and you dont get to have sex without the condom [19:49] <Ender-X> 45 vs what you'd spend raising a kid? [19:49] <Ender-X> i mean that's gotta be 200, maybe even 300 dollars Arkuden
#8 <kofi> to be blunt, condom broke [19:43] <Ender-X> morning after pill? [19:44] <kofi> you need to be 18 to buy the pill [19:44] <Arkuden> you have a brother [19:44] <kofi> i know but he had done a favor for me the day before [19:44] <Arkuden> so he only like does 1 favor for you a week or something? [19:45] <Ender-X> haha yeah, "sorry little bro, i already took the trash out for you this week, you have a child now" Arkuden
#9 (03:18:08) (@Sylph) sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me! spiritedaway
#10 [04:53] <lovely> you hate not being a whore? [04:53] <[SoD]GhostQueen> yer [04:53] <lovely> yeah it must be hard Arkuden
#11 [07:10:07 pm] <[Rapture]Troy> how do you print screen again [07:10:18 pm] <@Ender-X> print screen button [07:10:22 pm] <[Rapture]Troy> thasnks Ender-X
#12 [11:21] <silverlux> Swifteh wich one from the clanphoto r u ? [11:21] <silverlux> the fat guy with long hair ? Arkuden
#13 [12:35] <fluuu> hello [12:36] <fluuu> talk 2 me bitches [12:36] <Ender-X> o/ Arkuden
#14 [13:21] <lovely> you're asshole is bleeding! [13:21] <Firecroch> ya so there is no reason to be scared of death [13:22] <Ender-X> MY ANUS IS BLEEDING! Arkuden
#15 [09:03:31 pm] <@Arkuden> you're the one who said go see rambo cause they shoot little kids [09:03:47 pm] <kofi> THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME Ender-X
#16 [00:28] * HolyLucifer is five years old and claims rose touched him [00:28] <dragonrose> up side the head with a 2 by 4 maybe Arkuden
#17 [03:10:44 am] <Firecroch> i leave for 5 minutes and i have a penis in my mouth Ender-X
#19 [02:33:09 pm] * lovely whips alan [02:33:16 pm] <alan> how do you do that? [02:33:27 pm] <lovely> i am the top [02:33:30 pm] <lovely> you are the bottom [02:33:37 pm] <lovely> therefore, i can do anything [02:33:48 pm] <+dragonrose> alan type /me action Ender-X
#20 [17:47] <lovely> swift cant replace you HolyLucifer [17:47] <lovely> I'm into fag assholes like you Arkuden
#21 [20:49] <[Alan]> i could have over 100k cs if i never quit a clan :P Arkuden
#22 <ThePrizeFighter> my gf yelled at me <ThePrizeFighter> cos i wanna go out next week to see a band <ThePrizeFighter> with my mate <ThePrizeFighter> because according to her <ThePrizeFighter> i just wanna go our get pissed up and fuck my freind called katy <ThePrizeFighter> when really <ThePrizeFighter> all i wanna do <ThePrizeFighter> is go out with glenn Arkuden
#23 <kofi> do me lovely
#24 <@Arkuden> you miss my twizzlers? <@Ender-X> definitely, my peehole is fully healed <@Ender-X> that's just not right Arkuden
#25 <octagon> i'd do koreans, but they are too unfair Ender-X
#26 <@Ender-X> BahamutZero i hate you <@Ender-X> i made a pedo joke irl the other day <BahamutZero> why Ender-X <@Ender-X> i blame you <BahamutZero> the fact that you just said irl <BahamutZero> makes me hate you <BahamutZero> We're real fucker <BahamutZero> so it's still a real life <BahamutZero> people like you disgust me [21:07] <BahamutZero> I'm going to fuck your dog Arkuden
#27 [15:54] <BahamutZero> HOLY SHIT KYLE [15:54] <BahamutZero> YOU CAN ORDER MEN FOR MEN [15:55] <BahamutZero> I am lonely Arkuden
#28 <Arkuden> so yea, i'm in tulare county which is #1 for teen pregnancies which i'm very proud of, i think i might go out and work on that so we can be #1 in the nation <Kinjin> LOL, sleezy teens! every young mans dream :D <Arkuden> just young mens dreams? <Arkuden> I KNOW YOU LOVE THE SLEEZY TEENS <Kinjin> LOL well ofc. Arkuden
#30 <Eric> that quote sucks <Eric> fucking die Arkuden
#31 [09:28] <starter2__> dude... this isnt a stupid bot:) [09:29] <HYDROGEN> i'm a stupid bot Arkuden
#32 [12:44] <Naquadria> which asshole invited me here [12:44] <Naquadria> and can that person die in a fucking fire PM[12:44] <Naquadria> can you fucking piss off you fucking idiot Arkuden
#33 [04:54:21 pm] <@Arkuden> and its not only guys, theres some girl that goes idles in dewdropinn that won't stop calling me boy [04:54:29 pm] <@Ender-X> haha [04:54:45 pm] <@Ender-X> i just assume all girls are guys [04:54:50 pm] <@Ender-X> irl too [04:55:09 pm] <@Arkuden> thats horrible [04:56:29 pm] <@Ender-X> yeah i've been slapped a few times because of it Ender-X
#34 [14:15] * Ender-X likes the boys Arkuden
#35 [12:56:33 pm] <ThePrizeFighter> then obviously your stupid Ender-X
#36 [14:30] <cux> Ender-X....there have to be at least 2 orc denmasters [14:30] <cux> otherwise there wouldn't be 50 some orcs every 30 minutes [14:30] <Ender-X> they fuck like rabbits [14:30] <Ender-X> hot orc sex Arkuden
#37 [18:55] <Ender-X> i would suck a penis for a billion dollars [18:55] <cux> what about 20? [18:55] <Ender-X> definitely Arkuden
#38 <@Arkuden> can someone check to see why i'm banned in the immo chan? <kofi> for inviting naq <kofi> to this chan <@Arkuden> ah <@Arkuden> whats his full name again? <@Arkuden> want to invite Ender-X
#39 [08:30] <kofi> i'm facebooking your sister Arkuden
#40 <kofi> oh <kofi> no <Swift> OH <Swift> YEAH Arkuden
#41 <Eric> Ender-X destroyed the world a few nights ago <Eric> luckily I was training on the moon <Eric> however it's up to me to restore it <Eric> and take down Ender-X <Eric> his ingenuity will be my toughest challenge yet <Eric> but I know his weakness <Eric> asking him to do something will force him to waste time Arkuden
#42 <@Arkuden> short people got no reason to live <kofi> obviously <dragonrose> ! <@Arkuden> little hands and feet <dragonrose> define short <@Arkuden> small mouths that tell great big lies <@Arkuden> your height and shorter Ender-X
#43 <kofi> oh god <fishbot> fishbot will suffice. <kofi> wtf <snailbot> bbq <kofi> MY HP <snailbot> OMG SHOUTING Ender-X
#44 <kofi> shit <kofi> fuck <kofi> bitch <kofi> tit <kofi> cunt <kofi> fag <kofi> i misclicked Ender-X
#45 [01:16:47 pm] <Swift> My shaft is still good, and it was hurt at the start of te month Ender-X
#46 kyle: you make me horney kyle: so so so horney Arkuden
#47 [12:24:03 pm] <kofi> LAG [12:24:03 pm] <kofi> HUGE [12:24:03 pm] <kofi> MASSIVE [12:24:03 pm] <kofi> LAG Ender-X
#48 (@Ender-X) my ex managed to switch me off the coke somehow kofi
#49 00:12 +Eric I'd just jerk it to my cousin or something kofi
#50 [13:26] <Arkuden> Ender-X why is anne hathaway an easy decision? [13:26] <Ender-X> i dunno, i just find her more attractive [13:26] <theoctagon> because her mouth is big enough to put in a whole big mac [13:26] <Ender-X> oh that too Arkuden
#51 [06:07:22 pm] <Blitz> I'm very careful not to get quoted Ender-X
#52 [18:07] <theoctagon> Ed Mazur wrote on the wall for Michelle Branch. 4:57am Arkuden|bbl
#53 -19:55:11- (triviabot) Question 5: What does a taxidermist do? -19:55:16- (Swiftt) taxes nos|feratu
#54 triviabot Question 10: New Zealand's Rugby team is know as the __________________. triviabot Time's up! The answer was: All Blacks Arkuden
#55 <Ender-X> i can just see the day logarithms get brought up in Alan's high school math's gonna be the day he assaults a teacher and gets thrown out..."GOD FUCKING DAMN IT I HATE LOG10!" Arkuden
#56 <+Erica> Ender-X you've been dethroned <Swift> Take it back! <Swift> Be a man <@Ender-X> i resigned myself a few days ago <Swift> Coward <Nales> pussy <+Erica> vagina <Nales> cunt <+Erica> home for my penis Ender-X
#57 <@Ender-X> i always feel disgusting when i finish Ender-X
#58 <Ender-X> mark antony and cleopatra fuck a lot too Arkuden
#60 <+BahamutZero> WOMEN <+BahamutZero> making them <+BahamutZero> raping them <+BahamutZero> owning them <+BahamutZero> selling them <+BahamutZero> IT'S ALL OKAY NOW Ender-X
#61 <BahamutZero> now he's retarded because he lives near me Ender-X
#62 <+BahamutZero> so he pulls out this morning Ender-X
#63 <+BahamutZero> I FUCKED A RETARD AND I LIKED IT Ender-X
#64 (23:06:25) (@Ender-X) at which point i deep throated it BahamutZero
#65 (23:08:11) (@Ender-X) i have a pee fetish BahamutZero BahamutZero
#66 [06:02:50 pm] <+BahamutZero> what's a cool color [06:03:22 pm] <Nales> anal pink [06:18:49 pm] <+BahamutZero> I forgot I had that tab up [06:18:56 pm] <+BahamutZero> with the google search for anal pink [06:19:01 pm] <+BahamutZero> so my brother walks in "What the fuck is anal pink" Ender-X
#67 (16:34:14) —› mode: (Ender-X) sets mode (+o BahamutZero) BahamutZero
#68 <@BahamutZero> Ender-X took away my faggot popups Ender-X
#69 <@Ender-X> 7 acres isn't unreasonable <dragonrose> wtf wiggin! <dragonrose> that's huge <@Ender-X> maybe if i lived on a rocky, rainy little island <dragonrose> OUR ISLAND IS NOT ROCKY Ender-X
#70 [06:05:46 pm] <Petertjuh4> and i can't be mean to dwagon :) [06:05:51 pm] * dragonrose kicks peet in the shins Ender-X
#71 <dragonrose> Now talking in: (#boysunauthorized) Ender-X
#72 [03:52:25 pm] <polpol> I want to sex chat with a girl [03:52:56 pm] <polpol> on which channel is this possible ? [03:53:00 pm] <Nales> right here [03:53:05 pm] <Nales> just pm me [03:58:43 pm] <Nales> Ender-X, please ban polpol :p Ender-X
#73 (23:31:00) (DarkOrb) How about you dragonrose ? (23:31:06) (dragonrose) old :P BahamutZero
#74 <dragonrose> i can't help if my mum is a crack whore :- Ark|gone
#75 <triviabot> Question 2: UnScramble this Word: k a b l c? <BahamutZero> black BahamutZero
#76 [06:00] <polpol> and instead of resting behind your pc all the day, i recommend you to take a gf arkuden ... Arkuden
#77 <triviabot> Question 9 (sports): What WWF star, described by Entertainment Weekly as "Xena gone bad," typically wields a signature "nut shot"? <triviabot> Hint: C**n* <dragonrose> chyna <triviabot> Correct dragonrose, the answer was Chyna. Your channel score is now 190, network score is 190. <snailbot> 42 * @Ender-X raises an eyebrow at dragonrose <S-Soulja> lol <Swift> ... <Swift> I wont even ask Ender-X
#78 <polpol> AFK , means ? <GoDLiiKE> Away from keyboard, which I now know you aren't =o <GoDLiiKE> I'm always here when everyone else isn't =P <polpol> ? <polpol> i m here <GoDLiiKE> But that's just 2 of us x_x <polpol> so, ... <polpol> we still can make sex Ender-X
#79 <@Ender-X> imagine a bots party with all the cool bots players <@Ender-X> yeah foos <@Ender-X> that's what i' <@Ender-X> m talking about <@Ender-X> good night new york <@Ender-X> one day my friends <@Ender-X> when i make it big <@Ender-X> it shall happen <@Ender-X> now good night <BahamutZero> what | Session Close: Tue Sep 30 00:00:00 2008 Ender-X
#80 <polpol> what s your favourite porn site ? <polpol> my fav is pornhub <Arkuden> i think my favorite porn ever is on badjojo, some dumb bitch whos super drunk pretty much getting raped by two guys <Arkuden> good stuff :) <polpol> :) <Arkuden> polpol just so you know i was joking....rape porn is not something ppl should be bonding on <Arkuden> what the hell is wrong with you you sick bastard <polpol> :( Ender-X
#81 <[Alan]> hanfeitzu? <Ender-X> character from the ender's game series...plays a large role in xenocide <[Alan]> you have a series? * Ender-X slams his head on his desk <Arkuden> HOLY FUCK YOU'RE RETARDED <[Alan]> lol Ender-X
#82 * Ender-X ponders <polpol> ? <Ender-X> ark's g-line <polpol> it was his bots u mean ? <Ender-X> i feel i've said too much * Ender-X steps back into the shadows <polpol> YOU use bots to make this chan feel like an important channel, it s ok -> *^Mary-Kate^* say #botsunauthorized don't let him get to you, Ender-X <@^Mary-Kate^> don't let him get to you, Ender-X Ender-X
#83 <ConditionZer0> now it says unable to access jarfile IRCidler.jar <ConditionZer0> link me again <Ender-X> one question <Ender-X> are you fucking with me? <ConditionZer0> no im not <Ender-X> okay cause even alan didn't have this much trouble Arkuden
#84 <polpol> aipi, are u a bot ? <aipi> no <aipi> :> <polpol> proof plz <aipi> how can i prove that <aipi> idk <polpol> oo <polpol> u can <aipi> how so´ <polpol> by telling me who is your owner :) <aipi> i have no owner <aipi> i am free <polpol> so you re a bot Ender-X
#85 [09:35] <Blitz> oh fuck me [09:35] <Blitz> that's not a whore Arkuden
#86 <[Alan]> flor will add weapons <[Alan]> i know it <Ender-X> don't hold your breath... <dragonrose> no [Alan] do it! <[Alan]> :( Ender-X
#87 <ThePrizeFighter> anal is doing well at this ganme <ThePrizeFighter> eh <[Alan]> huh? <ThePrizeFighter> alan <ThePrizeFighter> :O <[Alan]> :| <Bwhore> i can have my finger all the way up my anus <ThePrizeFighter> i must have anal on the brain Ender-X
#88 <Blitz> we want armors <dragonrose> ARMOURS! <BahamutZero> armors <BahamutZero> sourry <BahamutZero> rouse <BahamutZero> dount start a war you can't win <BahamutZero> sou yeah <dragonrose> ... <BahamutZero> I don't care how insane I sound <BahamutZero> I'm fucking winning this argument <BahamutZero> I'm gounna keep this up <BahamutZero> until rouse goues insane Ender-X
#89 <@Ender-X> [09:34:28 pm] <Arkuden> don't smile at me like i'm a retarded noob <@Ender-X> i never thought about it like that, but that really is what the smile is, isn't it <@Ender-X> it's what you write when noobs say completely retarded things and you don't feel like dealing with it <@Ender-X> i learned it from jans <@Ender-X> he was the master of the retarded noob smile Arkuden
#90 <BahamutZero> I sign up for classes aug 6th <BahamutZero> start school the 19th kofi <BahamutZero> :D <BahamutZero> AREN'T YOU PROUD OF ME <BahamutZero> I'll try and open up <BahamutZero> I'll buy a webcam and bring home friends <BahamutZero> and show you <BahamutZero> they'll think I'm weird <BahamutZero> but fuck them <BahamutZero> I'll have friends Ender-X
#91 <Spazrael> grrr, where is lovely? <BahamutZero> died <BahamutZero> hit by a car <Ender-X> it was tragic <Ender-X> so young <Spazrael> :( <Spazrael> now i'll never get her bots. Ender-X
#92 [04:10] <ThePrizeFighter> i dont drunk in the morning Arkuden
#93 <polpol> ? <Spazrael> enders bots at work <polpol> Arthas is a bot ? <Ender-X> ColGraff/Demosthenes/HanFeiTzu are invite bots <polpol> :o <polpol> Demosthenes ? <polpol> Demosthenes how are you? <polpol> Demosthenes, i hope u have metallic boobs? <polpol> and a nuclear vagina <polpol> to be able to have quantum sex Ender-X
#94 <Ender-X> i just cringe thinking what would happen if floR listened to these people <Ender-X> they'd drive the game straight into the ground <dragonrose> lol isn't erica the main poster in that thread? ^^ <Ender-X> hmm is he? that would be great <BahamutZero> no <BahamutZero> I posted once telling Spazrael to stop spamming <BahamutZero> and Arkuden took a dump on my chest Ender-X
#95 <Blitz> k <Blitz> unequipped shield <Blitz> fought <Blitz> re-equipped <Blitz> actual blocking going on now <Blitz> and every hit isn't 300 dmg <Blitz> wtf was going on <Blitz> she's got bugs bunny teeth * Blitz closes video <Blitz> damnit, totally wrong channel <Blitz> :D Ender-X
#96 <kofi-> BahamutZero would you rape me if i did in a few hours <BahamutZero> I'd rape you Ender-X
#97 <dragonrose> yes i am a balding black dude in my 30s Ender-X
#98 <Nautilator> i like being dominated <Ender-X> lol <Nautilator> well <Nautilator> not being givena chance <Ender-X> we really have such conversational range in this channel <dragonrose> omg nauts you disgust me <dragonrose> YOU CRIED AT TITANIC! Ender-X
#99 <BahamutZero> I haven't fucked why should she :) <BahamutZero> but yeah <BahamutZero> I've started to realize that I should let go of that <BahamutZero> 'cuz I'll never find a girl as it is, so I might as well drop every standard I've got <BahamutZero> and settle for the ugliest meanest stupidest bitch I can get <dragonrose> Oo Ender-X
#100 <kofi> Arkuden <kofi> should i sell my friends sister blow <Arkuden> yes <kofi> shrooms? <Arkuden> fuck yes <kofi> and lastly <kofi> Ex? <Arkuden> how old is she? <kofi> like 16 <Arkuden> only sell her shrooms and pot <kofi> k <kofi> Arkuden <kofi> what about prescriptions <Arkuden> stop trying to murder children Blitz
#101 * MichelleBranch loves Ender-X <MichelleBranch> all night long Ender-X
#102 [Alan] i'd love to rape his ass kofi
#103 <Ender-X> rose probably paid arkuden off to get me to start this clan <dragonrose> if only i were that machiavelian <dragonrose> i would rule teh w0rld! <BahamutZero> women in charge of the world <dragonrose> there would be no wars <BahamutZero> just one every 4th week Ender-X
#104 <Bwhore> Nautilator why did you not allow me to penetrate your bottom ? <Nautilator> because when you took your penis out there was poo already on there Arkuden
#105 <Ender-X> touched my lips Arkuden
#106 <triviabot> Correct Dildo, the answer was Jason's mother. Your channel score is now 1216, network score is 1611. Dildo
#107 [01:26] <kofi> blue sucks kinda :/ Petertjuh4
#108 <triviabot> Question 9 (geography): True Or False: There are only virgins on the Virgin Islands. <Ender-X> true Petertjuh4
#109 [04:04] <Ender-X> i don't know if i like the idea of water shooting into my ass Sylph
#110 [00:14] <Ender-X> Ender-X can be slightly-gay alter ego [00:14] * kofi rapes Ender-X [00:14] * Ender-X enjoys it [00:14] * Ender-X bends over and moans [00:14] <Ender-X> okay maybe very-gay Sylph
#111 [02:06] * Ender-X licks Sylph's scrotum Sylph
#112 [ 06:36:20 ] [ ThePrizeFighter ] i like small boys nos|feratu
#113 [ 01:49:25 ] [ nos|feratu ] you're such a homo [ 01:49:41 ] [ [Rapture]O_F_F ] yeah nos|feratu
#114 [nos|feratu]: Oh Fuck Yeah, put it in my ass! dragonrose
#115 [04:39] <O_F_F> yay! I'm homo then. lol nos|feratu
#117 [lovely] when i first saw how ftp spent so much on whores [lovely] i thought he was like 30ish or something [lovely] then we had a conversation [lovely] i deduced he couldn't be older than 14 Ender-X
#118 [23:40:08] [Spiritorb] If I were in a wheel chair, I'd want an ass kicking role where I would spend the entire movie running over people's fingers and tossing old ladies off of cliffs, not some suck-ass sissy role where I'd sit around and cry like a pussy. Ender-X
#119 [12:23:48] [Spiritorb] unlike most people, whose bodies are mostly made up of water, i am composed of something else entirely [12:23:56] [Spiritorb] my body is composed of 100% pure epic win Ender-X
#120 [Spiritorb] And I can type with proper grammar if I want to, I just don't sit at the PC with a stick up my English ass like you do. [Spiritorb] Unlike you, I can add proper spelling too. [Minto] You start a sentace with 'and'? [Minto] sentance* [Spiritorb] sentence* Ender-X
#121 [Ender-X] i was thinking the other day that i don't like touch screens [kofi] why? [kofi] they're so fun to brag about [kofi] they're like hey my computer does this or that [kofi] then you bust out yours [kofi] and girls want you to touch their boobies [kofi] :D Ender-X
#122 [octagon] BahamutZero [BahamutZero] octagon [Spiritorb] BahamutZero [BahamutZero] Spiritorb [Spiritorb] <3 [BahamutZero] <3 [dragonrose] gh3ys <3 [Spiritorb] skank ur just jealous [dragonrose] :'( how wude! [Spiritorb] TRUTH HURTS HO dragonrose
#123 <Blackhole> STOP <Blackhole> In the name of love ! <Blackhole> Before you break my heaaaart ! Arkuden
#124 [ dragonrose ] ah ye probabably nugget [ dragonrose ] -ba [ nos|feratu ] :) [ nos|feratu ] calssic [ nos|feratu ] lol [ nos|feratu ] :/ [ nos|feratu ] classic* dragonrose
#125 [ HolyLucifer ] one night i had a dream i dont even remember so i woke up and started to jerk off thinking about Sylph and Ender-X making out as kofi clicked and giggled like a school girl and then when i was about to cum i started crying Sylph
#126 <Minto> Ender-X, im meeting a chick, who drives, and wants a long drive with me, so i figure, might aswell meet some bots dudes, Ender-X
#127 <theoctagon> you're going to rochester? <]Minto[> honeyoe <]Minto[> which is near rochester <theoctagon> thats like...4 and a half hours or so from here <]Minto[> honeoye <]Minto[> you know it? <theoctagon> rochester? yes, honeoye, no <]Minto[> oh <]Minto[> whats it like? <]Minto[> and can you take me to a white castle? Ender-X
#128 <]Minto[> ID FUCK HIM <]Minto[> hes amazing Ender-X
#129 <dragonrose> i have the backdoor open :P Ender-X
#130 (15:11:39) • dragonrose flashes bahamutzero
#131 (15:02:10) (@bahamutzero) hey Ender-X if someoen cheats in your new game (15:02:12) (@bahamutzero) what will you do (15:02:31) (Ender-Z) spank them (15:02:41) (dragonrose) oooh (15:02:45) • dragonrose cheats bahamutzero

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