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  Channel Information
Channel information for #basilmarket on QuakeNet
Channel: #basilmarket (Chat Now!)
Bot: |Flame|
Joined: 2007-11-26 21:51
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 24

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise +autoop +autovoice +badwords
+bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans -enforcebans
+flood +greet +google -hidelogs
-image +infobot -massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle -vote +weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT-7
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Triggered after 3 lines in 4 seconds
  Warn user on first violation, kick on second violation
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Warn user on first violation, ban for 5 min. on second violation
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: #Basilmarket: Affilated with cats.

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

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Statistics language: Not localized (English)

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
Segum Owner 2020-11-30 19:14
trivia Friend 2017-08-05 10:49
funbots Friend 2017-07-19 12:39
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 2 friends added to the bot

Auth/Handle Greeting
Segum A horny 23yo girl has entered the room

ID Quote Added by
#1 <Jillis> so ive been talking to a bot? i feel pathetic Misacorp
#2 <TurtallyJerold> Wait Misacorp is a mod? Misacorp
#3 <swizzle> does ne1 wanna give me feedback on basil so i can post? EluNirvelli
#4 <Paaaz> Lol I was writing my essay earlier and I had like sticky notes all over the desk and i fell asleep and I woke up and they were stuck to my face Misacorp
#5 <Skiffy> God save the Queen, she's not a human being EluNirvelli
#6 <ItalianSeal> My brother got lucky when his comp broke EluNirvelli
#7 <Cheezay> Wait, which mod is flame? EluNirvelli
#8 <winddrake> My desktop is my one true love EluNirvelli
#10 <TempestRider> The first amendment doesn't no free speech? TheBoxIsAFK
#11 <ElusMom> Go to your room! ElusMom
#12 <EenRite> Skiffy, have you been watching The Universe? <Skiffy> I'm in it, so I would say so. Misacorp
#13 <Misacorp> Do we support piracy? No, we don't. We support Ninjas. Mindstormer
#14 <Misacorp> !trivia e <xElu|Away> Starting the trivia. Round of 2.718281828459045 questions. !strivia to stop. Total: 5027 Misacorp
#15 <EenRite> Oh, gg telling the IRC that I reported MrBasil. >:o Mindstormer
#16 [23:55:51] xElu: I was just about to confess my love to sandra bokuwaomar
#18 <DrBlack> Hugh Laurie <3 HE CAN EXAM ME ANY DAY Omar
#19 <Sandra'sMom> Sandra, go to your room, and keep your clothes on Omar
#20 <|Flame|> (Private):I couldn't find a quote with that ID, it has probably been deleted. Omar
#21 <TempestRider> People don't kill people. Lawyers kill people BaconMachine
#22 <Emiga> PAY ATTENTION!!! BaconMachine
#23 |Flame| has kicked GoLdEnToWeReX from #basilmarket (You are not allowed to advertise here, you have been warned!) Omar
#24 <Mens> LET'S MAKE MAD LOVE, YO. Omar
#25 <Nickkk|Sleep> Mexicans should die. And uhh, Omar wants your babies. Misacorp
#26 <Nickkk> He's photoshopping the clothes off of Mr. Basil. Nickkk
#27 <Biji> Now I'm alone with Misa the undead and the guy who gave me AIDS. IGaveBijiAIDS
#29 <TobiasBlack> Well the mods better get off their fat lazy asses and make a quote dammit Nickkk
#30 <winddrake> Say, how would you know if someone was a mime on the internet? Nickkk
#31 <TurtallyJerold> What's air? Nickkk
#32 <sephibowman> I do a good impression of misas mom, right? Nickkk
#33 <Paaaz> Strazzle and ATNERINERETION Nickkk
#35 <Biji> Oooh boobies Nickkk
#36 <Anselm> He smiles when he passes gas. EatBabies4Fun
#37 <Paaaz> I'm going to regret typing out that sex-on-tv dream aren't I Skiffy
#38 <Emiga> Hookers are not people. Nickkkk
#39 -|Flame|- Sorry, but that ban matches me (or another NordicBots bot) and I refuse to continue. Omar
#40 <Omar> Sandra's the most immature person you know. Nickkk
#41 <JelloPants> I MUST BE THE 69TH QUOTE. Nickkk
#42 <Emiga> I am not a porn addict. I DO NOT FAP! Nickkk
#43 <TobiasBlack> Wow...shooting penisses....what a game. Nickkk
#44 <TobiasBlack> I just got mauled and raped by racoons, and they won't leave. Nickkk
#45 <Tobiasblack> I've been trying to flirt with Omar, but he keeps frontin' and playa hatin'. Nickkk
#47 <Nickkk> I'd tap Bill O' Reilys ass Omar
#48 <AdriaTryingToChangeName> Adria is now known as OmarmarriedSand Omar
#49 <Adria> I want to tap George Bush's ass. Nickkk
#50 <Misacorp> touché || <Biji> touch what? Misacorp
#51 <foreverbebop> Time to go excrete urine out of my genitalia. Nickkkk
#52 <ManBoobs> Then I gotta like touch all of them to make sure I have 5. Nickkkk
#53 <ItalianSeal> I don't have an ass. Nickkk
#54 <doomsday777> Misacorp believes in asexual reproduction. Nickkk
#55 <Paaaz> Nicky & Vicky Nickkk
#58 <Tehidden> I can get anal. Nickkk
#59 <Tehidden> I want to be black. They have massive penors. Nickkk
#60 <Tehidden> I had this dream last night that Paaaz and AznSeal were doing the nasty. And Paaaz was all "Oh yes". And AznSeal was all "NO U". Nickkk
#61 <cych> Your glory hole will have pee in it. Nickkk
#62 <Tehidden> It tickles when I fap. Nickkk
#63 <Omarish> I know nothing about Hing Kong. Nickkk
#64 <Adria> PORN IS COOL Nickkk
#65 <Frimbooze> My friends have huge manboobs. Nickkk
#66 <Bloodninja> I put on my robe and wizard hat. Nickkk
#67 <paulpker121> So Ireland is like, primitive? || <Paaaz> Yes. Nickkk
#69 <winddrake> I once saw "69" in an x-ray photo of a pregant woman. || <MuffinSoup> TWINS! Nickkk
#70 <Omarish> Stereotypes are like you Sandra || <LillaSandra> Awesome? :D || <Omarish> no, retarded Misacorp
#71 <Paaaz> "Both are dominant and charismatic leaders, atahuallpa often had incas prostating him." Nickkk
#72 <Misacorp> The thing is so wet and curled up. Nickkk
#73 <Misacorp> It's not wet and all curled up. Nickkk
#74 <Paaaz> Oui oui, Nick, j'aimerais farter avec tu. Nickkk
#75 <cych> AIDS and pepperoni. Best topping ever. Nickkk
#76 <EnigmaEmiga> I need to finish my child abuse. Nickkk
#77 <Misacorp> My hair is amazingly beautiful even if I was bald Nickkk
#78 <ManBearPig> I'm fapping Maplestory pixels. Nickkk
#79 <ichuckpoop> I have both. Nickkk
#80 <4chan> Tits or GTFO. Nickkk
#81 <ChibiRoll> If I had a dollar for every time Omar helped me. I'd have a hell of a dollar bill. Nickkk
#82 <Squiggy> Everytime Google is neglected, a poor child stumbles upon Basilmarket Nickkk
#83 <PirateJing> When I turn 18, I'm going to go to be a part time stripper. Nickkk
#84 <JPNGamer> I'm sorry Wanda, but I'm afraid Cosmo is...stupid. NOOOOO!!!11 Wait, I know that. o__O Nickkk
#85 <TobiasBlack> I turned your mom upside down and made her say "OH GOD" Nickkk
#86 <TobiasBlack> I suck worse at math then sandra at giving head Nickkk
#87 <Segumisama> my bro stole the car opener Omar
#88 <Cheezay> I just fapped and it was not fap it was pee Nickkk
#89 <Misacorp> Port 1337 is the Misaport Nickkk
#90 <Segumi>bottom all the way. Omarish
#91 <xXSyKoXx> Segz likes to be on bottem, rita'd, double-dipped w/ a strapon.. Omarish
#92 Segumi> threesomes.... ||<xXSyKoXx> are awesome Segumi
#93 @Omarish: I mean seriously, it's about sex toys segumi
#95 20:58… @Omar: If you call THE Bronx just Bronx, you fail at life Seg
#96 <Segumisama> cant get enough of that creamy white liqued all over my body Omar
#97 <Davyn> is Flame like... a bot? Seg
#98 !quote add <LBobo> what happened to the cute loveable segumi that i used to know? || <Scottzee> Puberty Seg
#99 epikirby^^> Segumisama's description: A mild mannered (and very mean) 13 year old half Nepalian girl who lives in Oregon and has a large crush among BasilMarket moderators. Seg
#100 [ +X-LP ] old enough to bleed, old enough to breed Segumisama
#101 | winddrake: It's bad enough that I lost my jewels T^T Segumisama
#102 <@Seg> my aunts shampoo AND conditioner have the texture of cum...and the look. Omar
#103 19:50:23 | @X-LP: if yo uahveo ne in mind i'll try to look for it || 19:50:42 | Jason: Type better X-LP || 19:50:54 | @X-LP: read better Jason segz
#104 17:47:01 | joe: what country is austin in || 17:47:02 | joe: texas right? segz
#105 07:59:10 | @Misacorp: did I ever give the SLIGHTEST implication I was anywhere close to sane? segz
#106 17:22:43 | ali4z: Looks more like a turnip to me. || 17:23:10 | ali4z: A weirdly deformed turnip. || 17:23:23 | jeo: does anything not look like a turnip to you || 17:23:29 | ali4z: No segz
#107 19:09:28 | jeo: i wonder if north korea is up for selling some of their kids as slaves || 19:09:36 | jeo: i mean.. why not, right? segz
#108 17:57:36 | @Misacorp: dangit || 17:57:45 | @Misacorp: my brother doesn't have his birthday listed on facebook || 17:57:49 | @Misacorp: now I'll never know how old he is segz
#109 18:45:05 | Kuruimizu: also kelowna sucks i hope you get cold fingers every time you go outside || 18:45:15 | +jeo: jokes on you I DON'T GO OUTSIDE || 18:45:16 | +LightinEnemy: Kuruimizu: too bad, he doesnt go outside :D || 18:45:24 | +LightinEnemy: jeo: i rofled so hard :DD: || 18:45:25 | +jeo hi5's LightinEnemy segz
#110 23:50:38 | Simford: i want to hear about me getting boned in the buttocks by metawe segz
#111 18:41:12 | Simford: I love me a good phallus in the morning segz
#112 20:25:12 | BlazinDavyn: I want to be homosexual! segz
#113 14:56:49 | jeo: The Jeometro is the preferred choice of transportation by 9/10 Japanese Schoolgirls segz
#114 23:01:21 | F2B: Hacking is wrong|| 23:01:27 | F2B: but pirating movies is acceptable segz
#115 23:04:10 | smiles1337: In my eyes, Panicka is a 6'2 blue eyed-, blonde and really muscular alpha male segz
#116 15:03:52 | @BlazinDavyn: Because I was sexually abused as a small boy by a man named simford. segz
#117 15:34:02 | @Eeveepony: being an abusive asshole is what i do best segz
#118 17:04:41 | @BlazinDavyn: X-LP, as a sex slave, I can finally stand on par with you. segz
#119 17:34:44 | @Eeveepony: i sometimes like girls. sometimes i like dick segz
#120 11:42:44 | BlazinDavyn: Jefe | 11:42:46 | BlazinDavyn: It's so small | 11:43:16 | +ElJefe: I've never had a problem with it | 11:43:25 | +ElJefe: It needs to be that small segz
#121 18:10:11 | BlazinDavyn: I'm being a homosexual and no one can stop me segz
#122 19:54:55 | jeo: What's wrong with tentacle rape hentai || 19:55:09 | jeo: It's kind of boring and common but eh it's still solid segz
#123 21:56:35 | jeo: Not jealous of someoen without a desktop OR a laptop || 21:56:50 | jeo: I've caught segzosis segz
#124 19:42:51 | jeo: It's not rape if she's dead! segz
#125 [20:32] <Simford> aw i was so adorable | [20:32] <Simford> i'd do me segg
#126 [17:22] <+Nic> ogod i have nightmares about man-eating vaginas seg
#127 [17:25] <Simford> white cream flowing down my throat seg
#128 [17:10] <Misacorp> mail anthrax to pl0x seg
#129 [17:14] <@Segumisama> Hye, no hard feelings, right? :( I love you. I know you would never have sex with Davyn. His penis is too small for you. [17:14] * BlazinDavyn applauses [17:14] <@Segumisama> LOLOLOLOLOL [17:14] <+BlazinDavyn> HEY [17:14] <Gumm> Lolololol [17:14] <JeroyLenkins> lol Segumisama
#130 [18:47] <+BlazinDavyn> KAWAII DESU NE~~~ ^_____^_^__^ XDDDDDDDD || [18:47] <jazztown> ^weeaboo || [18:47] <+Nic> lul || [18:47] <+BlazinDavyn> o.o the correct term is wappanese || [18:47] <+BlazinDavyn> ^-^-^-^ seg
#131 [19:18] <+BlazinDavyn> We did find a bottle of lube and one of those round pillows with stain spots underneath one of the beds though || [19:18] <+BlazinDavyn> Not just a bottle. Like a giant container. seg
#132 [21:23:13] <BlazinDavyn> I think I was a girl when I first played Black seg
#133 [19:28] <BlazinDavyn> The thumb finger puppet always looks like a deformed midget. :( seg
#134 19:59:47 | segz: !o || 19:59:51 •›› Mode: |Flame| › +o segz || 19:59:53 | +angie: !o || 19:59:59 | WrathX: !o || 20:00:07 | Metawe: !o || 20:00:13 | WrathX: |Flame| , you're gay segz
#135 <WrathX> how many cocks || <@X-LP> i want 2 segz
#136 <WrathX> How do you spell R. Kelly? <Nic/segz> R. Kelly. segz
#137 20:49:10 | jeo: Yeah well at least I'm not the main character of a bad fanfic || 20:49:19 | @segz: Yeah well at least i'm not jeo | That would be terrible. || 20:49:26 | jeo: Yeah well at least I'm not jeo || 20:49:34 | jeo: ...Oh.. segz
#138 21:31:46 | jeo: The only good thing finland ever produced was Misacorp segz
#139 21:54:23 | +Davyn: I'd like a twin/younger sister to have a consensual incestual relationship with. segz
#140 21:04:20 | jeo: help me I'm turgnin inot segz segz
#141 me: nic im gonna kick you. nic: good. 20:10:36 •›› Kick: segz › Nic ((52)) nic: oh i thought you meant physically, i forgot you had that ability. segz
#142 <@segz> SHUT UP NIC I DO NOT MAKE TYPOS Davyn
#143 16:10:08 | Metawe: I have my old motherboard beside me :3 || 16:10:20 | Metawe: i've cut myself more than once with it <--- EMO METAWE!11! segz
#144 [06:31:11] <Nelon> japanese people [06:31:16] <Nelon> buried my grampa alive [06:31:16] <Nelon> fuck japs segz
#145 21:29:57 | Erv: i like urine | its sterile | and tastes good segz
#146 23:32:21 | +Davyn: but I don't have enough cream to cover my whole body segz
#147 21:44:42 | jeo: You're welcome. You know I'm only here to be your encyclopaedia || 21:44:51 | jeo: It's pretty much the only satisfaction I get from life anymore segz
#148 21:57:37 | @segz: jeo: No. i'm fat and ugly and I don't dance. || 21:58:08 | Erv: she's right <-- not taken out of context. segz
#149 22:03:35 | jeo: Wow, 5 years old. If #basilmarket were a little girl, I'd only be mildly interested in molesting it. segz
#150 22:27:03 | Erv: sometimes || 22:27:06 | Erv: i think about jeo naked segz
#151 11:35:05 | Erv: seg || 11:35:11 | Erv: there are no farmers in cali segz
#152 12:06:08 | @segz: angie is my lesbian lover. || 12:06:15 | +angie: ya im her bitch segz
#153 17:47:34 | Erv: I got a small penis || 17:47:37 | Erv: I have to make up for it MikeShinoda
#154 20:41:11 | @segz: || 20:41:39 | Metawe: I cant tell if that last one is a tiger or an ocelot || 20:41:45 | @segz: It's a snow leopard.. || 20:41:50 | @segz: Wow. || 20:41:53 | @segz: you call yourself a cat lover. || 20:41:57 | Metawe: :( segz
#155 23:00:14 •›› Quit: Erv ([email protected]) (Killed (* (d3 isn't that bad!))) segz
#156 21:46:36 | +Davyn: Yes, and she's taken like 5 of mine out of context where I call myself a homosexual segz
#157 23:58:03 | jeo: I'm OK with that || 23:58:23 | jeo: Whether you're thinking about a naked jeo or thinking about jeo while naked || 23:58:29 | jeo: It's all fine segz
#158 00:13:15 | jeo: No. I'm a nice, congenial person. segz
#159 00:13:09 | Erv: On CoD I go 40-0 || 00:13:55 | +Davyn: Oh dear, MW3 must be even more broken than I originally thought if YOU scored 40-0. segz
#160 00:48:43 | jeo: There used to be a sarcasm symbol but people started to use it sarcastically? segz
#161 00:56:47 | +Davyn: Approximently || 00:57:20 | TaquitoLover: approximently ~ approximately segz
#162 01:01:39 | jeo: Cursive is great. I use it all the time. || 01:01:50 | TaquitoLover: and that is why people like joe aren't allowed outside || 01:01:59 | jeo: I'm kidding. I don't even remember half the capital letters :| segz
#163 01:06:02 | +Davyn: Yes, my name is Joish Swifrt segz
#164 22:39:52 | +Davyn: Everyone has their price I suppose. || 22:39:58 | +Davyn: You're is blueberry pancakes it seems. || 22:40:02 | +Davyn: Yours* segz
#165 23:52:05 | +Davyn: I WAS SCRATCHING MY BALLS segz
#166 10:54:00 | Metawe: "Metawe" and "strong" shouldn't be in one sentence MikeShinoda
#167 11:01:48 | Nelon: erv isnt a shithead || 11:01:54 | Nelon: hes just a loser looking for attention MikeShinoda
#168 20:26:18 | jeo: you're just a bunch of perverts <-- irony! MikeShinoda
#169 20:32:53 | +Davyn: You want me to link you to my porn? || 20:32:56 | +Davyn: You wouldn't like my porn. || 20:33:01 | Erv: is it hentai || 20:33:05 | +Davyn: Possibly. MikeShinoda
#170 20:38:02 | DoubleRainbow: MikeShinoda: it's the best action movie since ip man || 20:38:23 | jeo: Internet protocol man was terribly boring MikeShinoda
#171 20:39:25 | +Davyn: Imagine spiking a drink at a bar and getting any woman to go home with you because her panties are soaked. || 20:39:44 | jeo: Imaging spiking a drink at a bar and getting any woman to go home with you because she's unconscious || 0:39:57 | +Davyn: That involves too much heavy lifting, joe. ||20:40:08 | jeo: Partially conscious, then MikeShinoda
#172 21:39:21 | Erv: I like to think of myself as a douche sometimes MikeShinoda
#173 22:34:35 | jeo: Yeah, I can only get off when I answer your questions. Thanks. MikeShinoda
#174 22:34:45 | Erv: Joe || 22:34:50 | Erv: How much would it cost me || 22:34:55 | Erv: to have you follow me around || 22:35:00 | Erv: and be my human dictionairy MikeShinoda
#175 22:48:18 | jeo: Joe is kind of a pseudo-prostitute. MikeShinoda
#176 10:51:15 | Metawe: cats lives > human lives MikeShinoda
#177 21:34:14 | jeo: Children are flexible || 21:34:22 | jeo: Not that I'd know that for any particular reason || 21:34:34 | jeo: I have 0 experience with the flexibility of children, really || 1:34:38 | +Davyn: Right. MikeShinoda
#178 [00:58:25] * SeePastHer nibbles on Metawe's ear. [00:58:34] <Metawe> omg nibbling [00:58:35] <Metawe> :( MikeShinoda
#179 01:01:55 | Metawe: lets not make this into a sano missing thing MikeShinoda
#180 [00:48:53] <pokegeek> And I told you I'm 11 years old not a pedophile come over to my house I got video games and candy we can play all night MikeShinoda
#181 01:09:55 | +angie: erv when seg and i first met || 01:09:58 | +angie: we were gossiping about basilers || 01:10:01 | +angie: and we were like || 01:10:07 | +angie: erv is such a good addition to our irc group || 01:10:11 | +angie: but now we're like || 01:10:14 | +angie: erv sucks lets ban him MikeShinoda
#182 [01:50:09] <KewlEH> Who finds blood arousing? MikeShinoda
#183 01:11:12 | +Davyn: I was a faggot. MikeShinoda
#184 01:13:21 | +angie: at least ur not a fggot now davyn || 01:13:25 | +Davyn: :3 || 01:13:26 | +Davyn: True || 01:13:27 | +Davyn: NI NIGH || 01:13:36 | +angie: whats ni nigh || 01:13:40 | Erv: what is ni high MikeShinoda
#185 01:22:01 | +angie: that was sano || 1:22:07 | +angie: he used to creep me out when i was 14 MikeShinoda
#186 10:33:58 •›› Join: benz ([email protected]) || 10:34:02 | anchovy_: hi || 10:34:05 | LightinEnemy: benz hi || 10:34:12 | benz: hai || 10:34:18 | kewleh: hi benz || 10:34:21 | kewleh: we were just talking about someone new to gang rape || 10:34:40 •›› Part: benz ([email protected]) MikeShinoda
#187 21:57:54 | jeo: I'm a regular person who is not a paedophile MikeShinoda
#188 22:19:55 | jeo: Any sex that involves more than one person is too many people for me, thanks MikeShinoda
#189 10:23:58 | Metawe: I didnt have internet for a week once || 10:24:22 | Metawe: I barely survived || 10:24:32 | Metawe: they found me in the bathtub crying to myself || 10:25:05 | Metawe: I had low blood pressure and passed out MikeShinoda
#190 23:16:20 | Erv: you cant see josh || 23:16:22 | Erv: because im on him MikeShinoda
#191 18:47:15 | dogbot: MikeShinoda u cant kick me || 18:47:19 | dogbot: i found an uber-anti-flame script || 18:47:23 | dogbot: even beter than x-lp's || 18:47:38 | @MikeShinoda: |Flame| kick dogbot i beg to differ || MikeShinoda
#192 20:08:56 | jmodo: i thought X-LP was a bot o.o MikeShinoda
#193 16:06:12 | jazzcob: nic u on || 16:06:23 | +Nic: ya u r hot bby || 16:06:27 | jazzcob: wat MikeShinoda
#194 19:09:46 | Davyn: I believe that the fact that I masturbate frequently keeps me very calm and non-hostile. MikeShinoda
#195 [22:15] <jeo> a put a lot of work into keeping my sense of humour at the level of a 12 year old MikeShinoda-
#196 [14:07] == Metawe|2 [[email protected]] has joined #Basilmarket || [14:07] <+Metawe> oh god this font || [14:08] <+Metawe> not monospaced i cant handle this || [14:08] == Metawe [[email protected]] has quit [Signed off] segz
#197 [12:18] <+jeo> eeh I'm pretty much all about shades and rocking out | [12:18] <+jeo> but I'd never mistreat a kitchen appliance segz
#198 [10:46] <henbot> i only reported ppl who made irc threads | [10:46] <henbot> mostly segz and dan | [10:47] <+jeo> like reporting seg would do anything Segz
#199 [21:19:06] <Davyn> I have 3 size D batteries lodged inside my asshole as a defensive measure. I call it The Shining Dragon. seb
#200 [12:53:34] <Microxf> isnt a bj included in air davyn's service? | [12:54:27] <Davyn> No. We don't fly mile high club | [12:54:28] <Davyn> too $$$ | [12:54:41] <Davyn> Oh MY service | [12:54:42] <Davyn> fuck that | [12:54:50] <Davyn> I'M too $$$ seb
#201 [13:31:11] <+jeo> walmart is so classy | [13:31:14] <+jeo> I can't imagine classier seb

Type Hostmask/Auth Sticky Expires Added by
Auth S0106000fea46fd No Never (permanent) Segum
Ban Evade.
Host *!* No Never (permanent) Segum
Host *!* No Never (permanent) Segum
Host *!*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Segum
Ban Evade.
Host *[email protected] No Never (permanent) Segum
Host mrbasil!*@* No Never (permanent) Segum
Please use another nick.,
Host sano!*@* No Never (permanent) Segum

Trigger Type Min. Level Response
!addweather Public - <nick>: To add a trigger such as "!<nick>" that will show the weather repor
t for your area, visit
and follow the instructions. And let an op know the command so the
y can add it!
!BlazinDavyn Public - Weather trigger (06096)
!clop Public -
!Erv Public - birthday Nov 20th, 1 year youngerish than seg.
!friend Public Op hidden
!giveherpes Public - /me contaminates %1 with herpes!
!giveop Public - kick <nick> Here you go, some ops.
!hi Public Master hidden
!hlspam Public Friend hidden
!homo Public - Congratulations, %1, you're a Flaming hom
!ipinfo Public -
!joe Public - Weather trigger (NAM|CA|BC|KELOWNA)
!josh Public - kick <nick> bye
!lightinenemy Public - 18 years old, birthday feb 8, henri finnish
!Maplers Public Op hidden
!metawe Public -
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!sano Public - As of 3-16-16 sano was last seen 1535 days ago.
!SeggummiBear Public - A 14 year old girl who ate so many gummi bears that she got gummifi
ed. She currently lives in Oregon and masturbates using microphones
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