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  Channel Information
Channel information for #FruitNinjas on QuakeNet
Channel: #FruitNinjas (Chat Now!)
Bot: |Apocalypse|
Joined: 2012-08-14 15:47
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 45

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise -autoop -autovoice -badwords
-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans -enforcebans
-flood +greet +google -hidelogs
+image +infobot -massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo +restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats +timedquotes -topic
+userbans +urltitle +vote +weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Every 300 minutes
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Welcome to the Ninjas IRC channel! ~ ~ TeamSpeak3:
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes: +tnCN
Enforced topic: Not activated

Privacy settings
Logs page: Access restricted. Required level: Friend
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Not localized (English)

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
Biddle Owner 2020-10-26 01:13
Loch Op 2016-06-22 22:50
funbots Voice 2020-09-05 08:37
ItsMe Voice 2020-06-09 08:42
ChannelStats Friend 2020-09-05 00:26
1 owner, 0 masters, 1 op, 2 voices and 1 friend added to the bot

Auth/Handle Greeting
Biddle Welcome my beloved master !
ChannelStats Oh now you're back ChanStat, pfew, was gonna get a heat attack!
funbots Oh god this PedoBear came back, please don't .sex me :(
ItsMe Hey ItsMe, oh wait it's not ... oh my GOD you are me I am me... your name fucks me up -_-
Loch Uhu, hi HS|Loch :)
trivia Trivia trivia trivia trivia :DDDDDD

ID Quote Added by
#1 [04:15.58] <Crav3n> i was 2 times in paris and i shouted BIIDDDLLEEE, but nobody answered -.- Biddle`
#3 <@loOcepalB> Biddle` : j'ai *juste* oublié | <@loOcepalB> Comme 99,99% des trucs que j'ai à faire Biddle`
#4 <@|Apocalypse|> ~ Pandake looooooooves dicks soooooo much !!! :* :* :* :* :* <3 ~ Alcoholic
#5 <@PedoBear> » Biddle`, you have 90% a chance of having sex with Anka. « Biddle`
#6 » Biddle, you have 95% a chance of having sex with jasper « Biddle
#8 <@PedoBear> » The length of Biddle's penis is: 27,41 cm. « | <skapuink> the dot is at wrong the wrong place. its 2.741 :< Biddle
#9 <PedoBear> » Qui-Gon: you are 99% Noob. - (10 seconds till next question) Qui-Gon
#10 <nikrz> im fine with getting raped Qui-Gon
#12 [18:31] <@SkaPunk> .mypenis [18:31] <@PedoBear> » The length of SkaPunk's penis is: 12,92 cm. - (10 seconds till next question) « [18:31] * @SkaPunk ([email protected]) has left #FruitNinjas (TITTEN) Qui-Gon
#13 [20:36] <@Orangebud> !ringer 1 im avi and high [20:36] <@Orangebud> lol i fail [20:36] <@Orangebud> i meant stonned Qui-Gon
#14 <Xesya> my family have arabic background is good for plant bomb Qui-Gon
#16 [20:59] <ReigNN> ich habe eine katze im meinen hosen und ich muss tanzen :D Qui-Gon
#17 <@Qui-Gon> when i watched zoey 101 i fell in love with her Qui-Gon
#18 <@Qui-Gon> Xesya ur so handsome if I ever wanted to taste the load of someone it would be you Xesya
#19 [00:15] <@nikkerz> perhaps you forget that im like 32 years older than you are Qui-Gon
#20 <22:07:57> "Biddle`": leider ist meiner arg krumm Qui-Gon
#22 <@nikkerz> du hast schmetterlings Qui-Gon
#23 <ReigNN> ich habe hosen im kuhlschrank Qui-Gon
#24 <@Qui-Gon> but i think i can't play.. but in case you need me hl me hard on Qui-Gon|mobile 30mins before then i ll run home Biddle
#26 <ex0tic-> do you need a brazzers account | <Biddle`> lol | <ex0tic-> hahah | <Biddle`> is that a serious question ? xD | <ex0tic-> ye man i got so many accounts! But i dont need them anymore | <Biddle`> You definatly made my day :D Biddle`
#28 [20:42] <@Biddle`> du hast kein reallife [20:42] <@Biddle`> deine "reallife" ist urt :> Qui-Gon
#29 [19:53] <@SkaPunk> It was my dick that said this not me Qui-Gon
#30 21:08:32 <@Qui-Gon> lol.. wanted to lookup in which channels someone is but clicked on my own name.. thought he is stalking me Qui-Gon
#31 22:46:55 <+Lolly> whats the best thing in being pole? 22:47:01 <+Lolly> There is no posibility to be j4n :D Qui-Gon
#32 <misu> spielen wir mit buddy gegen das p-team? Qui-Gon
#33 [20:12] <@Qui-Gon> say something in german [20:13] <ReigNNN> etwas Qui-Gon
#34 [20:16] <@SvaRoX> was wollst du Qui-Gon
#35 [20:19] <@Anka> fick dich [20:19] <@SvaRoX> you meant [20:19] <@SvaRoX> fish dick ? Qui-Gon
#36 <Orangebud> Ich bin ein Pferd Qui-Gon
#37 <Anderson> The fruits did it Qui-Gon
#38 <BinaryThief> The banana has balls!! crimzon`
#39 [08:20] <B1naryTh1ef> Goddamn this channel is filled wtih sexy Qui-Gon
#40 <@SvaRoX> you know I live in a city, we don't need to hunt to get food here ;) Qui-Gon
#41 [03:18] <@nikkerz> was was in dem arsch Qui-Gon
#42 horizonyo: sorry qui gon du bsit einfach der boss Qui-Gon
#43 [21:50] <+J4n> im an asshole Qui-Gon
#44 <01:01:55> "[Nero] Nero": sorry cant read girlfriend is sleeping :S Qui-Gon
#45 MUTS WÄHLEN HEIßT ERFOLG WÄHLEN! <stum`> dafür steh ich mit meinem namen! Qui-Gone
#46 [22:41] <@KronoZ> and i want play in ladies only Qui-Gon
#47 <J4n> Qui-Gon ich könnt dich gerade echt knuddeln Qui-Gon
#49 <Sizzla> @Sven, kannst du mal eben auf dem undso Teamspeak 3 kommen? Qui-Gon
#50 [03:27] <@BIF> Qui-Gon, ich ünsche ine gute nacht [03:27] <@BIF> ich wünsche eine ute nacht [03:27] <@BIF> GUTE Qui-Gon
#51 [19:05] <splattt> hausmeisterwohnung Qui-Gone
#52 [21:38] <+Polygun> heute Abend ist die Nacht, die Nacht der Liebe Qui-Gon
#53 <rain> bah il faut etre soumis quand il faut :D Biddle
#54 I have a 4 gegen 4 Qui-Gone
#55 SkaDrunk: You're telling me I need experience to get experience, so I'll leave you therer BYE BYE Qui-Gone
#56 [01:51] <+Polygun> went through Koln and had some awesome Kolsh :D Qui-Gone
#57 <Sonic> Ich hing am Kacken fest Qui-Gon
#58 <IKKI> we play auf unserm server Qui-Gone
#59 [00:28] <dcdd> habe angst dass ich dann kotzen muss [00:29] <dcdd> no risk no fun Qui-Gon
#60 [01:41:46] <rapid`> i tryied 6 times to register on ucl but no work [01:41:48] <rapid`> now i try again [01:41:48] <rapid`> am i dum or something ? [01:43:12] <Biddle> yes. Qui-Gon
#61 [05:52] <Qui-Gone> oh.. KinZu`` aufm weg zur arbeit? :D [05:55] <KinZu``> ne 3std porno [05:55] <KinZu``> musste ausdauer verbessern Qui-Gone
#62 <blubby> Ist wie beim Sport, nur dass die Fetten zuerst gewählt werden Qui-Gon
#63 <ex0tic> hättest du down-syndrom wärst du sofort mein bester freund Qui-Gone
#64 <blubby> heißt jemand robert? <ex0tic> ja, robert Qui-Gon
#65 <Black-Fire> Ich kann englisch, nur halt nicht schreiben oder sprechen Qui-Gon
#66 » (Anagram-Game) Biddle : HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! - he's WICKED SICK!!!!!! (+37) « || » jasper pwn'd Biddle in his winning streak! ( +37 ) « || <@jasper> MUHAHAHAHAH Biddle
#67 <chaleur> [00:29:10] biddle`, ses un bot chikoff? =) Biddle
#68 <22:12:05> "detox": but if i play pickup i win all the time... 5000-6000 dmg ... its too easy i think i uninstall urt <22:12:50> "detox": 1 on 5 then u have a chance Biddle
#69 [23:49] <KinZu``> ich investiere das geld lieber in nutten Qui-Gon
#70 Wo wohnt Leipzig? (c) amnesia Qui-Gon
#72 <@KronoZ> my dick the most bestest hardest crimzon`
#75 <@PedoBear> crimzon`, you have 5% a chance of having sex with karola. - (5 seconds till next question) crimzon`
#76 <Svenson> ja ein flotter dreier is manchmal besser als gangbang crimzon`
#77 <@rkq> now machen 10 spielers hier, dass ich ein warbot machen kann crimzon`
#78 <@PedoBear> » Biddle's dick: 8=D - (10 seconds till next question) crimzon`
#79 <@pickles> sorry for the late, but yes JohnnyEnglish is a good cock Biddle
#80 (03:32:09) PedoBear: ? KronoZ, you have 100% a chance of having sex with Biddle. - (5 seconds till next question) ? KronoZ
#82 (18:42:25) PedoBear: ? KronoZ, you have 0% a chance of having sex with ex0tic. - (5 seconds till next question) ? KronoZ
#83 (18:57:53) PedoBear: ? KronoZ, you have 100% a chance of having sex with ItsMe. - (5 seconds till next question) ? KronoZ
#84 (23:59:56) PedoBear: ? KronoZ: you are 100% Gay - (10 seconds till next question) ? KronoZ
#85 (21:05:52) dahoffsmc: i allways wanted to be russian ;-) KronoZ
#86 <+k0s0v4r> Haben Sie den Kürbis poliert, heute crimzon` ? crimzon`
#87 (18:52:53) PedoBear: ? KronoZ, you have 0% a chance of having sex with Nero-. - (5 seconds till next question) ? KronoZ
#88 <@PedoBear> » Biddle, you have 69% a chance of having sex with Karola. - (5 seconds till next question) « Biddle
#89 <@|HSO|HavoK> the PC I threw away 4 years ago was better spec than yours bidy boy!! biddle
#90 "superMarth": biddle's NYE was like party&beer&drunk&bitches? - "Biddle`": close enough and you ? - "superMarth": me? lol ts3 with brizz xD I know, that sad... Biddle
#91 <+crimzon`> i just cleaned my keyboard :x <@Brizz> wtf is this crimzon, u CLEAN ? Are u a man or a woman? ffs man doesn't clean, remember this words <@Brizz> oh wait karola is still online... man cleans always crimzon remember this words ok? biddle
#92 <KrathOs> i have to kaka machen brb crimzon`
#95 k0s0v4r: The problem is i have no money for a german car, so I drive a french car. I drive a citroen! SkaDrunk
#96 [02:05] <nikrz> adding it to the bot after this because fuck that guy fucked up pugs everytime KronoZ
#97 "Svenson": was stopped by the police on the way to gym. sport pants, not shaved for 2 weeks, big and red eyes cause tired,they didnt believe me for 15 min that im not taking drugs Biddle
#98 <crimzon`> bbc = big black cock :O ? crimzon`
#99 <dS*7> dont be lake that crimzon`
#100 did u find this server from a cereal box ? (c) ukw crimzon`
#101 <@Frankie_V> Oh my God some one get me a towel :) Just upgrade to a Nvidia GeForce 780Ti and wow porn never looked so good or move so fast :D Biddle
#102 <rkq> a crimzon without ` is like a crim without penis crimzon`
#103 <Gost0r> i got the bigger epenis Biddle
#104 <Gost0r> i grew up with harry potter, the books, the movies, the audiobooks Biddle
#105 <@Gost0r> demacia Biddle
#106 <@Gost0r> by fact im not gay Biddle
#108 <@Biddle> I only speak one language - French clearskies
#109 <Biddle`> !pcw 5 ts/bm/ctf hs med-high | <warbot031> [PCW] You cannot do another broadcast for another 0 seconds. Biddle
#110 <@PedoBear> » g4meer, you have 95% a chance of having sex with Biddle. - (5 seconds till next question) « Gost0r
#111 <@HasHBolla> today i've done something i've never done before : spitt a big fat lugie into someones face lol :D Guy was blocking the road, couldnt get passed with my bike so i closed the door of his truck and wnt passed him, he wanted to grab my bike so i spitt a big fat lugie in to his face and drove fast off :) Biddle
#112 <[b00bs]spiki> every time you check chatlog #urbanterror, Biddle does IT support, and in a different language ! Biddle
#113 <18:58:13> "crimzon`": where is the sad unicorns channel :( Biddle
#114 <@zebeast> how do i change everything gost0r writes on irc to pink? Biddle
#115 <xenolith> Biddle bci wanna scrim with div1 guys like u szjedi kjt etc Biddle
#116 "fu, let me be a flower" (c) SkaPunk Gost0r
#117 <@Barbatos|off> nub Biddle
#118 "[Cryonics] Cryonics`": i dunno if this works, but, can you update an urt server from ingame? xD i think not :/ Biddle
#119 <@Barbatos|off> [00:48:09] I'm already working on HD 3.4 Biddle
#120 <Biddle> It's Happle Biddleday today !! \o/ Biddle
#121 "Biddle`": Your Bet $ (You have $1.1102230246252E-16 available) Gost0r
#122 <dreamin> MACHINE c'est un etranger ? <LearningToFly> Non, c'est un black qui essaye de faire STAPS... Biddle
#123 <Gost0r> I am totaly neutraly mind-blowned... not good or bad! Biddle
#124 <+Sukina> oui Biddle c'est vrai, j'ai terriblement envie de toi Biddle
#125 <Ol'Good> you're gonna have to consider me as retard from now on ^^ Biddle
#127 <Gost0r> Clear, the penis suddenly turned blue Biddle
#129 <Gost0r> eeccchhherrrcch <Clear> What was that? <Gost0r> That was my battle cry clearskies
#130 <Clear> CS:GOst0r Gost0r
#131 <clearskies> .calc clearskies - Gost0r <PedoBear> clearskies: clearskies - Gost0r = 0 <clearskies> we're all worthless around here Gost0r
#132 [17:39] <DeXt0r> hab keine 10arme verbunden mit unendlich vielen haenden die jeweils 5 tastaturen und 10maeuse bedienen koennen Gost0r
#133 <clearskies> I finally learned how that time works // <Biddle> how does it work then? // <clearskies> I don't remember >.< // <Biddle> lol Biddle
#134 <p5yc0runn3r> I like huge butts Biddle
#135 <+KronoZ> blubby, you want to be our friend? <+blubby> No Gost0r
#136 <Biddle> it's funny how germans are dumb though Gost0r
#137 <KronoZ> jungleboy could be a better captain than you because he is not a dictator like you Gost0r
#138 <+mvm> .bomb mvm Gost0r
#139 <FrEsH> ok i go biddle 2 min Gost0r
#140 <dahoff> gst kann einfach nicht singen Gost0r
#141 <Rzm> Obviously there have more player on urt with a staff uz like her, heuresement he did it anyway biddle.^ Gost0r
#142 <c0mmi> if you have a question about urt, just biddle it! (new official ver: to biddle :D) Biddle
#143 <selma> come here if you have balls Gost0r
#144 <Klad> moi quand j'ai commencé LoL, j'ai acheté deux bottes une pour chaque pied Biddle
#145 <Jiz_> Nobody wanted to kill you because of your awfull head Gost0r
#146 <kjt> kjt & brtk - dream team on tohunga Biddle
#147 <+DarthVader> olgood and biddle are the fckn kings of tohunga Biddle
#148 [00:04] <ReigNNN> nikkerz hat ein großes Würstchen Gost0r
#149 <brown> soz, bid, cant now, watchin' a movie for adults :] Biddle
#150 <kjt> ale biddle wie jak grac ctf Biddle
#151 <kjt> szejdi, tam tylko kikih i biddle wiedza jak grac Biddle
#152 <JohnnyEnglish> was nice to see Cersei getting locked up, bitch. Biddle
#153 <@BladeKiller> it turns out I'm an animal Biddle
#154 <szejdi> man i wish i had a vagina so i could make money on showing it on the internet Biddle
#155 <@KronoZ> Biddle, you will be always my friend throughout life Biddle
#156 <KronoZ> you are my friend and i'm your fan, even my body ready for friendly sex Biddle
#157 <KronoZ> Biddle, I will sit on a chair exactly how capricious princess and he would beg me Biddle
#158 <@Bend> je vais baisé dans pas longtemps Biddle
#159 <00:03:14> "[Jakes] Jakes": IMO you and og are the only good player i can play with without getting stressed or something Biddle
#160 u killed u (c) kjt Biddle
#161 "KronoZ": i prefer spend time on my mother Biddle
#162 <KronoZ> Biddle: i stop being a troll from today Biddle
#163 <KronoZ> Biddle, I hold no evil in my christian soul Biddle
#164 <@Gost0r> \O/ BIDDLE IS THE BEST Biddle
#165 12:46 - Gost0r: trust me, im an admin of uz. Biddle
#166 if i could get some experience by working with some superiour coders such as clearskies Biddle
#167 <@KronoZ> Biddle, my work in real life: searching and eliminating highly dangerous islamic terrorists, like you Biddle
#168 <SG_Carracolo> i prefer playing on a Japan server alone with 450 ping Biddle
#169 <Gost0r> ich bin adi juuuunior und nehme dich mit, in meine tolle zauberwelt: lesen rechnen rätsel lösen, das ist das, was mir gefällt Biddle
#170 if you can't beat the cheaters, you have to join their team (c) rYuuJiN Gost0r
#171 <+trusty> szedji wtf , ur random the 1st time i saw u , was on Nation Cup Match , and i ask myself who dafuq is this guy Gost0r
#172 <Kikih> I was not the car I was ironing my clothes to my mother not do it for me Gost0r
#173 Ganz ehrlich, du solltest dir mal ne Verhaltenstherapie oder so zulegen, weil deine Minderwertigkeitskomplexe machen mir langsam Angst... (c) Jungleboy Gost0r
#174 <20:02:44> You were banned for 50 minutes from the server by "crimzon`" crimzon`
#175 <szejdi> dng doesn't recruit banned people Biddle
#176 <Gost0r> you are lame Biddle
#177 "Biddle`": sec can't hear much needa plug in my ear Biddle
#178 Gost0r: Hey! So how was it? Did you have fun tomorrow ? Biddle
#179 <Biddle> I just made a video out of a tripple kill vs carhum joram and ryuujin: "youtubelink" <Gost0r> carhum just told me that ryuujin and joram got faked by vred and brtk <Biddle> oh, whatever Gost0r
#180 [22:11] <@stlr> im 100% clean [22:11] <@stlr> not 99.9999999 [22:11] <@stlr> 100% Gost0r
#181 gerry, we tunnel players the bad in 1st half (c) KronoZ Biddle
#182 <Xixion> i promise we arent cheating anymore Biddle
#183 <Zmb> I sick a 2v2 Biddle
#184 [01:07:37] <+trustyy> my flanks are gold, its why i love algiers Biddle
#185 <+SD|Giomarketz> I always thought biddle was polish till i saw him joining team france Biddle
#186 <KronoZ> I studied psychology, I have at home a large library of books on psychology. In college I always had top marks by teachers of philosophy and psychology Biddle
#187 <@ay```> biddle hates nobody, he is a mix between jesus and bob marley Biddle
#188 <colteen> c'est comme si tu pénètres la meuf pendant 2 min et quelle te dit attends je reviens Biddle
#189 <02:15:57> "[callisto] callisto": BIDDLE je crois que je suis en train de tomber amoureuse de toi parce que j'aime votre voix Biddle
#190 <sk0g> banned and looks like a fucking lizard irl Biddle
#191 i arent think that (c) nexxiis B`
#192 Zmbiie : exo was, sadly, the first eliminated of the cum Biddle
#193 stealer: je suis bon joueur mais ne supporte pas trop qu'on me mette sur le dos une défaite...* Biddle
#194 stealer: J'ai 14 ans, bientôt 15 ans, mon niveau sur 10 est bon, 6.5/10 comparé aux divisions 1 d'Urban Zone, je gère tranquille en "face à face" les bots de niveaux 5 sur Dressingroom (un contre un, survivor). Biddle
#195 stealer: niveau en jump (/10): 4/10 comparé aux monstres que sont BadFurDay ou encore Azmo, je réussis tous les jump d'Uptown (je fail quelques fois) ou encore le jump-bug de Prague. Biddle

 No bans are added on this channel

Trigger Type Min. Level Response
!Apocalypse Public - |Apocalypse| Always say the truth !!! :)
!biddle Public - when you start singing on ts, i ll kill you!
!Buddy Public - Buddy is our daddy :)
!colors Public Master hidden
!commands Notice - Avaible commands : !slap, !forum, !fruitlist, !ts3,
!welcome, !hello, !dust2, !orbital, !knife, !love
!sharelove, !hate, !sharehate
!DiSky Public - ~ DiSky is So Lolly !!! =D ~
!forum Public - ~ FruitNinjas forum :
!fotze Public - GL MISU <3
!fruitlist Public - ~ ~
!fu Public Owner hidden
!hate Public - ~ <nick> hates %1- so much !!! .!.. .!.. .!.. .!.. .!.
!hello Public - ~ <nick> says Hello to %1 %2- ~
!help Notice Friend hidden
!ip Notice Owner hidden
!lolly Public Owner hidden
!love Public - ~ <nick> looooooooves %1- soooooo much !!! :* :* :* :*
:* <3
!misu Public - Listen to Tiramisu on GaymisuFM!
!NoobyOne Public - NoobyOneKeNuuby is a real hero with Sr8 : http://img685.imageshack.
!opcommands Notice Op hidden
!Qui-Gon Public - Qui-Gon is awesome
!sharehate Public - ..!. Hate Is In The Air !!! .!..
!sharelove Public - <3 Love is in the Air !!! <3
!slap Public - <nick> slaps %1 with %2-
!teamspeak Public - Teamspeak 3 :
!tiramisu Public - Listen to Tiramisu on GaymisuFM!
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!ts3 Public - Teamspeak 3 :
!warn Public Op hidden
!welcome Public - ~ <nick> wish you Welcome here %1- ~

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