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Bots G-lined (banned) from QuakeNet
Posted by TheAvatar at 2007-01-13 08:19:20

As most of you already noticed: Our bots are currently banned from QuakeNet for 72 hours.

Note: As you can see above, our trust has been removed. This information is no longer correct.

So, what does this all mean for our service?

Our service
Our IRC services (bots, request, etc.) will be down until the G-line is removed or expires after the 72 hours, this means your bot will not be in your channel while we're banned.

Channels and settings
All channels and settings (this includes triggers, quotes, bad words, etc.) are still kept and everything will just be the same again once we're back.

Suspended channels
Unlike our previous statement, all channels that are currently suspended will have another 3 days added to their expire date. This prevents channels from expiring without you being able to do anything about it, you now have enough time to contact us and get it unsuspended (once we're back of course).

Our website, including stats will still be active. But some pages and functions related to the IRC service might be unavailable.

When are we back?
Our botservice was G-lined at Saturday the 13th on 01:30 CET (GMT+1).

As said before the G-line has a duration of 72 hours (equivalent to three days). This means that the G-line will be removed at Tuesday the 16th on 01:30 CET (GMT+1).

After the G-line expires all bncs need to get connected to QuakeNet again, this can take a few hours. After all the bncs connected, we can connect our bots again and we should be fully operational again.

We will keep you updated through this newsitem and through the topic in our channel #NordicBots.

Thanks for your support, we hope to be back soon!

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#12007-01-13 11:13 | anton (NordicBots Staff)
I can only say that this really sucked.
Lets hope that it will be over soon. :)

Keep up the good work! =)


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